Urban city stories apk

 Urban city stories apk

If you want to be an owner of an urban city according to your desires then here is the best platform for you. This is a game that will allow you to create your own urban city through the journey of creating a new city you will be able to experience new things and also you may be able to discover new things along your journey.

You may be able to create a city that will suit with your desires and you will be able to become even a bank manager, policeman, a doctor or somebody else that you want to be. Then you can create your own city by exploring new trends and the game will provide you with the opportunity to choose the rules for your amazing city. No need to get adapted to the any rue of anyone else.  Among these assets you can find super markets, police stations, clothing stores, banks, metro stations, traditional houses, apartments and also café.

If you like fashions and if you like to try new fashions then by this game urban city stories you can dress 30 characters there by using the huge cloth store and also you can try many accessoriesalso.

When we focus on some attributes of the Urban City Stories apkthe most attractive feature is the free play mode. The game belongs to the simulation game category. But it has a free play mode which will allow you to design your own city. There you will be able to develop your own dream city freely. In this free play mode you will get streets, around 10 characters and 2 indoor locations where you can control each and every asset you own. If you want to own more properties and assets then you have to move in to the paying mode. But in the free mode also you may be able to have endless pleasant experience.I am pretty sure that you will feel like you are living in a story and I think that this game is helping us to develop the creativity of the players including children.

Playing this game is very easy. The controlling of the assets is very easy. The game can be played very easily even by a beginner.When you are playing this game, you will sometimes come up with very interesting moments that will actually able to touch your heart.

Hurry and download this superb cool game urban city stories apk in your android and definitely you will play it for years without getting bored. You can use AC Market if you are unable to download this game from Google Play Store. AC Market is the best alternative app store for play store. Using AC Market you can download any game or app for free.

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