Use Ceramic-The Eco-friendly Tiling Option

 Use Ceramic-The Eco-friendly Tiling Option

With the rising consciousness about using sustainable means wherever possible, the demand for using tiles has been on the rise. There are various factors that make ceramic tiles a viable option for flooring and wall tiling. Some of them are as follows:

1) Ceramic tiles are durable. They do not break easily and also do not need to be replaced often because of their longer life spans. This means less construction waste going to landfills in the long run. Also, if the tiles can be laid with a volatile organic compound, it is a much better alternative.

2) The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is maintained within the office and home as ceramic does not absorb odor or release toxic chemicals in the air. They do not harbor dust mites or allow dust to settle in them like carpets. They are easier to clean on a regular basis and helps maintain hygiene and also puts less strain on the cleaners.

3) Ceramic, porcelain and high-grade vitrified tiles are made up of natural clay available in the vicinity, which means there is no unreasonable usage of the limited natural resources. Also, as glazed tiles are not permeable to contaminates, they require no chemical cleaning as compared to polishing, shampooing, stripping and waxing the wooden floor and carpets. It reduces the usage of chemicals and exposure to toxins considerably.

4) The variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures also allows for stimulating wood, natural stone, and leather surfaces, and this reduces the strain on natural reserves to provide for the same. Designers and decorators prefer ceramic tiles for their aesthetic features on a low budget. You can also digitally print the surfaces and get the perfect finishing for your floor space.

5) Ceramic tiles are made with a lead-free glaze and we cannot stress upon how important it is for the occupants and the environment at large. Also recently, tiles are being made from 20% to 70% recycled content that leaves a positive ecological footprint. Broken tiles can be reused as mosaics and that’s innovative at its best.

The long-cycle, natural durability, and most importantly its low maintenance requirements are what making ceramic tiles a huge hit for renovating and constructing. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative for flooring and painting your walls then check out plancher Céramique au Sommet for the best options to choose from.

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