Uses of Technologies in Everyday Jobs

 Uses of Technologies in Everyday Jobs

Technology has grown and evolved the workplaces in several ways. They have adopted many tools like the internet, email for communications, spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations for work productivity, and electronic databases to secure the records.

Technology is completely indispensable and it is present in every aspect of the business. Technology is so advanced that one might not even have to go through the process of converting PDF documents, the tools to convert PDF to Word are readily available.


These days it is easier to follow up long-distance work communications. This is an important area where technology has made an impact on workplaces. Earlier businesses used fax machines, telephone and surface mail, but now, SMS, email and various chat application tools have become the major modes of work communication. Also, the use of video calling is on the rise, which reduces travelling.

Work productivity

Spreadsheets, word processing, digital presentations and many other office productivity applications and software have become so common that their usage is routine. This has transformed the way the office functions.

Record keeping and sharing

Most businesses’ work models have switched to databases that can be accessed from the system anytime; rather than keeping paper files to store their records, the data is stored on a highly secure online platform. This has become an important part of the work environment.

Internet and search

Another major tool that has become so common to become is the internet and search portals such as Bing and Google. Information research and retrieval using the internet tools have become quite indispensable tools for work.

Cloud computing and Decent ralised Work

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and laptops has made it quite easy for people to work from anywhere. It has led to flexible-work setups like work on demand, work from home and freelancing. This trend has taken up space because of the ongoing pandemic and adoption of cloud computing. It allows professionals to use and store applications and data on a server.

New decision structures

Big Data analytics has quite recently become a very important tool for all functions. For example, digital marketing channels require people to always use advanced tools for computational and analytics advertising.

HR (Human resource) departments use advanced and specialized tools for performance tracking, worker retention and recruiting. These data-driven systems allow front-line workers to act quickly on decisions without waiting for direction from the higher management structure.

Information security

Securing business and customer data is an important task for any organization. A lot of indispensable security processes, from using tokens or biomarkers, communication control, physical access control, and digital access control mechanisms, have become a necessary part of the new workplace environment.

Major innovations like machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain, virtual reality, and so on have started to transition the world and the functions of work.

Basic technologies like office productivity tools, PDF editor tools like PDFSimpli, video conferencing tools like Zoom, and electronic mail like Gmail, are basic requirements for people working from home. Using these tools enhances productivity and saves time.

Chris Jorioso

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