Using Natural Remedies to Ease the Common Cold

 Using Natural Remedies to Ease the Common Cold

It seems each year as we kiss summer goodbye and say hello to fall, we often also say hello to the common cold.

As we put away our bathing suits and beach towels we pull out our sweaters, scarves and gloves – and naturally, our cold medicine. As the seasons change we begin to feel the tug of the scratchy throat, a cough, and a runny nose.

This year, though, instead of pulling out the standard over the counter cold medicine, consider trying something more natural.

Essential oils have gained popularity for a variety of uses in recent years. A number of these oils can be used to prevent the spreading of germs and to ease the symptoms associated with the common cold.

A short list of some of the most recommended oils to keep handy to create home remedies for a cold is: Frankincense; Tea tree; Oregano, Lemon, Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clove, Pine, and Juniper Berry.

Your local pharmacy will likely stock a small supply of the most common essential oils as well as carrier oils for blending.

If pharmacy delivery is available to you locally, try to speak to someone about your purchase before delivery.

Ask them to take special care not to place your items near extreme heat as this could compromise the integrity of the oils.

Many health food stores will also carry an abundance of essential oils and carrier oils. It’s a good idea to purchase a handbook on aromatherapy as a guide for creating recipes and as a reference for the many different uses of each type of oil.

If you do decide to delve into the interesting and exciting world of essential oils and homeopathic tinctures, do it before you actually catch the cold. We’re all familiar with the fatigue that comes with having a cold.

Creating your own natural concoction of essential oils is fun, but it does require preparation of materials and some time to educate yourself on how to make your home remedy. For safety’s sake, it’s vital that you use reliable sources to learn about essential oils and their applications.

Teresa Martinez

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