Video marketing the backbone of online businesses in 2022

 Video marketing the backbone of online businesses in 2022

Already, you can see the growth of video compared to other advertising formats. This can be explained by several key factors:

  1. With the help of video, you can quickly, efficiently and at the same time simply show the benefits of the product.
  2. Video allows you to engage the user in action with a well-built sales funnel.
  3. Video is one of the best conversion tools. A popular and clear example is TikTok. Short videos are popular and gain millions of views.

Other social networks are quickly picking up on this trend. Instagram has launched a short reels format, which is promoted for free through internal mechanisms. Therefore, in 2022, video traffic will account for 82% of all IP traffic. According to research, 66% of users prefer to learn information about a product or service from short videos. Only 18% are willing to read an article, view a website or post. Also, 66% of users will watch a video to the end if it lasts less than a minute. The same will be with YouTube and TikTok. So, you should focus more on these platforms for video marketing. Start with instant YouTube views to get more organic reach and get ready for executing content plans accordingly. Click here for a Free Video file converter by Adobe Express 

Artificial intelligence

Commercials are filmed using AI, in particular, deepfake technology (face replacement). A striking example: a popular telecom operator advertisement, where the face of Bruce Willis is used, and another actor plays the role. Already now there are companies that write articles for blogs. At the same time, artificial intelligence is engaged in writing the text, and not real people. The advantages of the tool are also that it is able to add SEO data to the text and supports different languages. Robots are also actively used as chat bots, technologies are used to analyze user behavior. Each social network uses similar tools for analyzing a person’s reaction to advertising in order to further adjust the features of the display.

The artificial intelligence market will grow to $107 million by 2028, according to marketing forecasts. From 2018 to 2020, marketers are using smart algorithms 188% more often, according to Salesforce. According to Segmento, by 2023, over 80% of transactions in only one customer service area in the country will be carried out without human intervention. This will reduce the company’s costs in the field of communications with the consumer by about 40%. Despite these trends, the debate about the credibility of artificial intelligence technologies continues unabated. Nevertheless, companies actively continue to introduce robots into business processes.

Gill Daniel

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