Want Stress Free Retirement? Here’s What You Would Want To Know

 Want Stress Free Retirement? Here’s What You Would Want To Know

Retirement is inevitable and when you do not have a stable income, sustaining your own expenses seems difficult in the long run! Plus, you may not be sure if your pension would be enough to float your boat. We spend most of our lives working, assured in the back of our head that we would live out all our dreams post-retirement. However, to ensure your retirement is as glorious as you want it to be, here are a few things you should already start thinking about:


Retirement income is better than retirement savings

Yes, you read that right and most people might advise you to store as much as possible and then use the corpus you have generated over the years. But, ask a financial advisor ( a good one) and they will tell you to invest and turn your retirement savings into retirement income. Why? Basic commodities are getting more and more expensive as we speak, inflation rates continue to rise every year, and why settle for what you have, when you could invest it in the right avenues, and have much more!

Studies show that people who have been successful in turning their savings into investment are happier in their after-retirement life than people who could only save up a limited amount. Mutual funds can be a great investment for those who are looking at a long-term utility of their hard-earned money. But mutual funds are subject to market fluctuations.

In case, you are looking at sure-short investments with high returns, physical assets would never stop being useful. Thus, investing in precious metals such as gold or silver is always a good idea. Hence, it is always suggested to have proper planning when it comes to making an investment. Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum have proved to be the best way to invest for short terms. To find out more, check out this website.

Be Tax-efficient with your post-retirement investments


Every penny matters when you are managing your post-retirement fund, and in case, you have different investment avenues in place, you might want to reconsider how useful they really are. Different investment options are taxed differently. Moreover, when you withdraw your investments or liquidate the asset, you may be required to pay a huge amount in tax. Here too, for certain investment tools, the tax slab may be higher than for others.

It is the corpus that’s left after the taxes that you’ll really have in your retirement, thus, it is crucial you enquire about the taxation policy with each of your investments. Tax matters can be really complicated at times, and thus, you would want to appoint someone who can handle this on your behalf, an advisor to help you plan it all out.

Know what is important and what is not


It’s fun to live in the moment and be spontaneous. However, that is not an ideal approach when it comes to planning out your life post-retirement. If you spend extravagantly without paying any heed to the future or if you plan to save but do not cut down on your unnecessary expenses, you may not have enough saved for your retirement.

For instance, if you’ve always wanted to go on a month-long Europe trip, you could start saving for it today. Eventually, you would have the right pool of money you need to make that trip happen if you have been regular with your savings and wise with your expenses. If you can focus on what you need the most and leave out on the rest, then you can save up for that Europe trip and make it happen all the quicker.

Have an emergency backup

Experts say that you should have an emergency corpus ready for financial emergencies. If not used before, it could always provide extra luxury in your retirement. An ideal amount to secure in an emergency fund is the amount you would currently need to maintain your lifestyle for 5 months without any external help.

Consider investing in a good health insurance policy


Aging is inevitable! With age, your health takes a toll and your medical bills pile up. Thus, it is important that you choose a good financial cover for the medical facilities you would eventually use or else, your healthcare expenses may start exhausting the resources you had saved up for your retirement plans.

If you have the right plans and tools in place, your retirement will be a breeze. We encourage you to start planning today!

Clare Louise

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