Want To Learn The Keyboard? 5 Ways To Speed Up The Process

 Want To Learn The Keyboard? 5 Ways To Speed Up The Process

When you go onto a social media platform like YouTube, you will have undoubtedly seen advertisements showing you how downloading an app can help you learn a musical instrument in record time. It is true that there are many apps that are downloadable for smartphones or even computers that can help you navigate instruments. But these tend not to teach long-lasting techniques that transfer over into the real world of playing music.

So, when you are looking for ways to learn to play one of the most popular instruments, the keyboard, and want to get good rather quickly, here are some tips that can help you. 

Play Slowly

When learning to play the keyboard, it is best not to rush it. Even a standard keyboard has 61 keys and a lot of minor keys, which can take time to navigate correctly.

So, even if you opt to play slower pieces of music, slow it down and watch where your fingers are going. This will help you to identify problem areas in your playing and will also help you to spot which of your fingers requires the most training. For more tips on playing slowly, visit cranemusic.com.

Watch Videos

YouTube is a great resource when learning how to play an instrument, especially the keyboard, as it is full of videos showcasing quick ways to do so. However, try to avoid using these videos, as they can put a lot of undue pressure on you. Rather, watch people who are playing the instrument that you want to learn and try to replicate their techniques. You will find your own way to read and write music, but watching others do it is a good start.

Play Songs You Know

One of the most popular starting pieces of music on a keyboard is the song Greensleeves, which was (allegedly) written by Henry VIII. But how many people actually sing this song in their daily life and know how it should sound? Try to learn simple songs that are universally known, such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Happy Birthday, and this will help you boost your confidence with your playing.

Put Letters On The Keys

Each keyboard has keys from A to G, and if you have a 61-key keyboard, there will be 5 C’s throughout it. This can be confusing when you are learning how to play, so stick the chord letters onto each of the keys, so you can navigate them when you are learning a new song. It’s simple and extremely effective to help you learn which key makes which sound.

Work On Both Hands

If you are right-handed, it goes without saying that you will probably be using your right hand to do the majority of the playing. However, the left hand also needs to be trained, especially when you are playing songs with background chords. Try to work on your hands together or independently if you prefer, as both will need to be fast and nimble to master the keyboard.

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