Warm weather inspires us to reveal our ‘Summer Bodies’

 Warm weather inspires us to reveal our ‘Summer Bodies’

Summer provides us with huge motivation to get our winter bodies in shape.While we know that exercisingthroughout the year is the best way to stay fit,winter slows the metabolism and makes usfeel lazy, so we are less inclined to go to the gym. When the weather warms, we try to compensate for all those missed workouts and rush to undo the damage in time for the beach reveal ahead!

Follow these tips to help you get your dream summer body and feel proud of the work you put in!

Eat Less and Green

Food plays a significant role in our health. Try not to consumedense foods and instead include more plant-based foods in the diet. Fruits, vegetables, grains, pulse, seed, nuts, and high protein food will keep you feeling energetic and more motivated to exercise.

Our Bodies Need Hydration

Higher temperaturesrequire us to hydrate regularly and replace fluids lost through sweat. Drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day, especially when exercising, helps to eliminate toxins acquired from excessive alcohol, bacteria, and refined sugar consumption.Water also improves our concentration levels and maintains the naturalhomeostasis of the body.

Enjoy Your Exercise

As we feel more active in the summer months, the best way to get natural exercise while having fun is to get out and enjoy a swim or a surf, play some tennis or go for a bike ride. Hit the gym and alternate with a morning jogand balance your work out with a weight-lifting session.

Stay Motivated

What can be more motivating than seeing your friends looking good on the beach? But you can be sure they didn’t get that way overnight! Summer bodies don’t just build themselves; you need to work out and join a fitness training and eating plan likethe f45 Training plan available at gyms throughout the world. If you really want to go to the beach looking fit and fantastic, you will be motivated to intensify your workouts and achieve your ideal summer body in no time!

Tips for summer workouts

  1. Alcoholic or caffeinated beverages are diuretics; they take fluid out of the body, so avoid them at all costs before and after exercise.
  2. Dabbing a little eucalyptus oil or peppermint on the temples and the back of the neck provides a cooling effect andmakes it easier to breathe in the humid air.
  3. Wear loose clothes of natural fibers that absorb sweat and keep you cool.
  4. Work out in the early morning or late evening to reduce fluid loss.
  5. Replace energy drinks with water

Clare Louise

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