Waterhog floor mats are the favorite choice for businesses

Because of their numerous benefits, the Waterhog flooring mats are one of the most widely used mats in business today. They will always remember the impression that you leave on visitors when they enter your establishment. These entrance mats will help you create a positive image for yourself and your company while keeping your establishment tidy.

There are many options for styles, colors as well as sizes, and shapes. Many companies offer custom-made designs that can be tailored to your needs.

These are just a few of the many features that make Waterhog mats so appealing.

They are durable

The main thing business owners want to look at when buying floor mats is durability. Waterhog’s floor mats are more durable than any other style. Waterhog floor mats are ideal for entrances with high traffic.

Waterhog mats made from polypropylene are extremely durable and can be dried quickly. This all-weather, crush-proof material will withstand heavy foot traffic for many years. They’re also more environmentally friendly, which makes them an excellent investment for any business.

They’re very effective

The clever waffle design combined with reinforced bi-level rubber knobs effectively clean dirt from the bottom of every person who visits your establishment. This design captures all of the debris that is below the mat and makes your premises look inviting for everyone who visits.

The rubber edges are molded to trap moisture beneath the mat so that they don’t get soggy or wet in cold weather. Rubber backing prevents moisture and other debris from getting onto the flooring and keeps the mats from sliding on the ground. This allows you to keep your business looking professional and makes a good first impression on visitors.

They are easy to clean

Waterhog mats are easy-to-clean. To clean them, vacuum up any debris or use a water hose to rinse them. Once dry, hang them up to air dry. They can also be steam cleaned to keep them looking their best. You will get the best out of your investment if you keep your mats clean.

The Waterhog door mat can be used inside and out to create a welcoming atmosphere, as well as to protect your flooring. They can also help keep your establishment clean and safer for your guests. Waterhog floor tiles are a top choice for businesses and make a great investment.

They’re made from thermoplastic plastic polymers

Waterhog mats are typically made from thermoplastic polymers, which are extremely tough. Some are made out of propylene, others with polyethylene. These are the most commonly used plastic polymers all over the globe. They are strong, durable, and extremely tough. These thermoplastics are easy to clean and resist stains. Waterhog mats may be made out of 100% UV-resistant polypropylene material.

They are backed by a rubber

Waterhog mats come with a rubber bi-level rubber backing. This protects the mat from cracking or curling in all weather conditions. It doesn’t really matter what type you have for flooring, the backing must be right for it. There are two kinds of backing available. One is for carpeted floors and the other for hard floor surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or hardwood. Waterhog floor mats have an anchor-safe backing that allows for maximum movement control in high-danger areas.

Have a unique “water dam” border

Waterhog mats have a distinctive feature called the “water dam” boundary. This unique feature allows mats a maximum of one and a third gallons of water per square yard. The mat can retain this much water regardless of the weather: rain, snow, hail. This border prevents dirt and water from getting on the mat.

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