Ways Of Designing SEO -Friendly Website To Rank Your Business On Google

SEO is essential for business, but many don’t know how to process it in web design. The website becomes the center of the digital world. Companies don’t think much about SEO until designing the website. SEO helps the website to become search engine friendly. Further, it means Google and other search engines can get to the website effectively. 

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Tips to design SEO friendly website

Creating content is an integral part of website design Tamworth. Likewise, to make the content, firstly choose the topic. While selecting the topic, keyword selection plays an essential role. 

To get the right keywords, you can conduct a keyword search. Mainly focus on the long-tail keywords. The long-tail keywords give better results for the website. The keywords are specific so that you will find better traffic to the website. 

First searching the page, you will see the title of the page. There you will find a small paragraph depicting the topic called Meta descriptions. The website designer servicing Tamworth focuses on writing engaging Meta descriptions. 

The Meta descriptions give you exact details on what you will find on the page. It should be about 150 characters before appearing of the three dots. This means people can’t see beyond the 150 characters. 

While website designer in Tamworth plans for web design, they forget the readability of the page. Optimize the page and don’t think only about the overall appearance of the sites. 

Concentrate on the readability of the page for ensuring the readers get to read the information accurately. Google promotes websites that prove to be relevant to all users. Choose the right text size for the page. Also, the text should be 16pt or even more significant. 

Start by optimizing the header tags to show the start of the section. Moreover, use the critical keywords in the title of the content. For all the more minor headings, use H2 and H4. 

The headers help the audience to know what comes next in the range. Don’t use the titles to depict any facts or numbers. When all the pages are organized with the leads, it will keep the customers longer. 

Pictures are a fantastic addition to the websites, but they can also block large files. Compress all the image files to increase the page load time. Since pictures are not such large files, it won’t take much time. It will also improve the overall loading time of the website. 


To enhance the business, you have to make SEO friendly website. It takes time to implement but gives effective results in the future. 

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