Ways to Help Those Without Access to Clean Water and It Starts With Berkey Water Filter Review

 Ways to Help Those Without Access to Clean Water and It Starts With Berkey Water Filter Review

It’s sad to know that for millions of people around the world, access to clean water is limited. Some people even end up getting sick because they depend on contaminated water to survive. In places suffering from a water crisis, the average life span is quite short. Most children don’t reach adulthood since they fall ill at a young age. Add to that their lack of access to quality health care. The good thing is that you can do something about it. Regardless of where you currently live, you can have a positive impact on the lives of others. Checking out the Berkey water filter review is an excellent start.   To read an additional Berkey water filter review, check out the official website.

Change your ways 

Since we are all interconnected, your actions could impact the lives of people miles away from you. Therefore, you need to start changing your ways and focus on taking steps to conserve water. These are some ideas to start with.

* Shorten your shower time. There’s no need to spend hours inside the bathroom. You can clean your body even if you only bathe for ten minutes. Every minute that you cut from your shower time, you save up to 150 gallons of water. You should also avoid using the bathtub if possible. It uses up a lot of water to fill. If you want to use it, you should only fill half the capacity.

* Check possible leaks in your water source. These leaks will accumulate and lead to an increase in water bills. The droplets might be unnoticeable, but they could waste a lot of water. Make sure you ask an expert to fix the problem right away. You should also make it a habit to check the pipes and water sources for potential issues and stop them right away.

* Turn the water source off when you’re soaping your body or when brushing your teeth. You can turn it on again when you’re ready to rinse. Don’t be lazy in doing this simple task. Also, before leaving home, you should check if all faucets are off.

* Record the changes in water consumption. You need to know if your efforts are producing the expected results. You have to do more if your water bill remains the same.

* Realize that you’re consuming more water than you should. You might think that your use of water is reasonable enough. The truth is that you’re wasting way more water than you should. Change your ways and start with the easiest steps. Challenge yourself to keep doing better to prevent wasting water.

Educate your children

If you’re already aware of the plight of some people in other parts of the world, you have to make your children aware too. They will be more responsible for their actions if they understand what’s going on. You can use simple words or even look at animation videos online to let them see the dire situation faced by other less fortunate children. Even as they grow older, they will still do the right thing to prevent water shortage.

Donate to organizations 

Some organizations are taking the lead to solve the water shortage. They partner with local governments to build water infrastructure so that underserved communities will have access to clean drinking water. You should support these organizations by donating money. You can study what the organizations do to help alleviate the problems faced by others. If you think that they’re doing the right thing, you shouldn’t hesitate to support them. Besides, whatever amount you donate can go a long way.

Inspire your friends to donate too

If more people support the cause, these organizations will succeed in achieving the goals. Spread the message to your friends who also have enough financial resources. They might be willing to lend a hand, but they just don’t know how to do it. Letting them know about what the organization does and how it changes lives could entice them to donate.

Volunteer your time and effort

If you don’t have a lot of money to spare, it’s okay. You can still be of help. Volunteer in whatever capacity. Some organizations need help from IT experts for their online operations. If this is something, you’re good at, you can give your services for free. If you’re good at marketing and advertising, you can help provide ideas to spread the word about the organization. It’s also possible for you to go to other countries and help in the construction of water infrastructure. You won’t only help make water more accessible, you will also have a firsthand experience of what these people are going through. If you can clear your schedule for a few months to visit these countries and be part of the manpower for construction, it would be a huge help.

Be aware of local issues

You might think that the water shortage only happens in developing nations. The truth is that even in developed countries, some people don’t have access to clean water. Before you start lending a hand overseas, you can do it at home. Cooperate with local governments and nonprofit organizations to find out how you can help. You can also help in organizing to bring issues to the attention of the local and national leaders. They might already know what’s going on, but they don’t see the incentive to act. If you can lend your voice and keep forcing changes, this issue becomes a priority.

It’s sad that even after many years, water shortage remains an international problem. It has even become worse in recent years due to global warming. It’s not yet over though. We can still do something to change this reality. Start by changing your behavior and encouraging others to do the same. Be optimistic and keep working hard even if it seems hopeless. You might not change the lives of everyone who suffers from the lack of water access, but you can do it to some. Don’t feel discouraged because your actions are a huge help.

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