What are some natural remedies for oily skin?

 What are some natural remedies for oily skin?

Each one of us hates that oily skin, which not only ruins facial beauty but also damages outermost skin layers. Oily skin can give rise to plenty of diseases. It can form clogged pores with dead skin cells. Moreover, oily skin increases breakouts on the skin.

You should maintain the proper balance of sebum and keep the skin moisturized. Sebum production in high amounts is the primary cause of oily skin. Sebum is good for your skin but only when it is released in a limited amount.

If you are living with oily skin and want to know about some natural remedies, we are here with the answers. 

1) Tomato Face Pack

Tomato is enriched with lycopene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C, which offers endless benefits to your skin. It serves as a natural cleanser so by using it, you can get rid of oily skin, breakouts, etc. Cut a tomato into two pieces. Take one of the cut pieces and mash it properly. Now, strain for extracting juice without seeds. Apply it on your face using a cotton ball. For best results, add few drops of honey before applying it to your face.

2) Cornstarch

Take two spoons of cornstarch and add it to some amount of water to make a thick paste. Let it dry for an hour or more after applying it to your face. Rinse the face with mild warm water. Doing this daily will remove excess oil from the skin.

3)Medimix Oil Clear Face Wash

Medimix range of face wash is widely known for providing relief from certain skin disorders. Its oily skin face wash variety is primarily focused on treating oily skin. Rich with the magical and traditional skincare ingredients – honey and besan.

The product has been manufactured in such a way that it will keep your skin fresh every time. It never lets any dirt get clogged in pores. This is not the only benefit that Medimix oil clear wash is offering. It provides deep cleansing and nourishment to your innermost skin layer.

As it is entirely naturally made so you want to have to deal with the harsh effects of chemicals. No amount of Paraben, soap, and SLES is added to the Medimix oil clear face wash. This oily skin face wash works for all skin types. Get Medimix fast-acting ayurvedic face wash for improved skin health.

If oily skin has lead to the development of acne and pimple formation, you can try Medimix ayurvedic neem face wash.

4) Banana Mask

Do you know that bananas can bring out the glow on your skin along with removing oil from the skin? A combination of banana one tablespoon of honey with lemon drops can do wonders to your skin. Mix them in a blender and wait for 15 minutes. Rinse your face now with lukewarm water.

5) Aloe Vera

Perhaps, Aloe Vera is the only known herb that is used widely for skin disorder treatment. You can use aloe vera in three ways for combating oily skin. First, apply the gel of aloe vera over your face directly and then wash it off after some minutes. Second, boil aloe vera leaf in water and mix one tablespoon of honey to it. Use it on your face and then wash with cold water after it gets dry.

6) Orange Peels

Dry orange peels are one of the most effective natural remedies for oily skin. Turn the peels into powder using a grinder. Take some water or yogurt to make a face mask. Now, put it on your face for unclogging pores and cleansing the surface.

Wrapping it Up

All these natural remedies work on oily skin. Try them at your home and get replenished skin back. These provide rejuvenating effect to prevent without leading to any side effects. You can rely on Medimix oil clear face wash for fast results.

Gill Daniel

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