What are the Best and Appropriate Whole Wheat Flour to Make Indian Roti?

 What are the Best and Appropriate Whole Wheat Flour to Make Indian Roti?

The roti or popularly called chapati is one of the most popular food recipes in India from the ancient period until the contemporary period. Even today, roti dominates the household kitchens across rural as well as urban sectors along with famous and popular cuisines and restaurants such as Rotimatic and is known for its delicious taste and flavour around the world. The roti is made out of whole wheat flour, salt, water and oil. However, roti is also made as per the preferences of the consumers especially based on people choices which often differs from region to regions with regards to the ingredients. Many people prefer roti that is made out of other corns and millets and do not prefer oil but plane roti without oil.

Roti & Whole Wheat Flour:

However, whole wheat flour is universally known as the best ingredient to make roti besides other ingredients to supplement wheat flour in making the best roti. It is the wheat flour which makes the roti soft, tasty and flavourful. Though making the best and tasty roti requires skills and competency as well as knowledge and experience of the person making the roti, the flour is also responsible to provide taste and flavour to roti. The whole wheat flour is called “atta” in Indian local languages and getting the best, pure and organic atta in the contemporary situation is often difficult because of black marketing and fraudulence in the market. There are varieties of atta brands available in the market which may not be all pure and organic atta that makes the roti tasty and healthier. In this context, the below are some of the reliable atta brands known for their purity and taste as well as for their ingredients that are good for health.

Graminway Glutten-free Rajgira Atta:

The gluten-free rajgira atta is considered one of the top brands of wheat flours in the country which is claimed to be one of the purest and tastier atta in comparison to other flours in the contemporary market. The rajgira wheat is further claimed to be brought from the wheat farmers of Rajgira and Amarnath. As per the claims of the manufacturer of rajgira atta, this flour has a shelf life of four months and comes fresh and ready to use packets.

Sujata Multi-Grain Flour:

The Sujata multi-grain flour is another top brand of flour with several ingredients along with the wheat flour. The Sujata multi-grain flour comprises the flours of wheat, soy, oats, ragi, maize etc. The manufacturer of Sujata multi-grain flour claims that this atta is the best brand in terms of its nutritional value and serves the best for the healthier intake of foods. The Sujat multi-grain flour also further claims that this is 100% vegetarian flour.

Besides the above two brands of flours, there are other brands who are considered as the most dominant brands in terms of their purity and taste as found in the customers’ reviews such as Rotimatic reviews, and those brands are Nutty Yogi gluten-free atta, Nirav Durum atta flour, Aashirvaad whole wheat atta, Graminway Bhautra flour, Sujata Chakki atta, Jiva organic wheat atta, Mother organic Chakki atta, Deep whole wheat atta etc. 

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