What are the common examples of Medical Malpractice?

 What are the common examples of Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice cases can occur when health professionals such as doctors and nurses fail to deliver proper medical care to the patient. Although it is unusual for a medical professional to commit errors, the errors can occur without your know-how. A few mistakes are more frequent than the others. Read on to know about the common medical malpractice and medical negligence practices. Here are few examples that will help you determine whether you are a victim of medical negligence or not.

  • Misdiagnosis

Several medical negligence cases are caused due to prolonged diagnosis and misdiagnosis. Delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosing an ill person can harm the patient’s condition.  A failure to diagnose a patient properly can prevent the patient from receiving adequate medical care. Consequently, this can aggravate their illness while causing severe effects. If you think that you or a close one has been misdiagnosed, you can always take legal action. Most Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys will recommend visiting doctors with the same professional skills and comparing their approach with your doctor. The primary technique of proving malpractice is to ensure that another health professional with the same specialization, under the same situation, would haven’t committed errors.

  • Incorrect medication

Incorrect administration of medicines and issuing false medication prescriptions are the most common example of medical negligence. This mishap can arise whenever the patient receives inappropriate drugs for his illness. Besides, administration of incorrect dosage often occurs due to poor communication. The case of wrong medication happens when a patient gets the treatment suitable for another patient. A nurse misreads a report in most scenarios, or the doctor can prescribe an incorrect dosage of drugs.  This mistake is unacceptable. Thus, it is recommendable for you to consult Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys if you are its victim.

  • Childbirth and prenatal care negligence

Medical malpractices can include childbirth or prenatal care, where errors committed at these stages can cause internal damages to a newborn child. Fatal injuries can consist of bone fractures, neurological defects, and the destruction of nerves responsible for controlling limbs. Negligence in prenatal care can damage the mother’s fetus. Common mistakes made by professionals include failure to check birth damages and failure to check medical issues that can affect a mother’s pregnancy. Mistakes made by a doctor during childbirth can cause the death of a baby or the mother. These errors can include failure to diagnose birth complexities or failing to order the cesarian segment. If you have such concerns, you can consult a medical negligence lawyer.

  • Surgery mistakes

These cases can also arise if a surgeon makes a mistake inside the operation theatre. Mostly, it can error like leaving a surgical tool inside the body. Besides, it can include mistakenly puncturing the other organ or not following the rules of post-op care. The post-op care procedures are necessary for avoiding infection. Surgical errors can give rise to grave issues such as deterioration of health or death. If you think you’ve suffered losses due to your surgeon’s negligence, you should take action accordingly. Subsequently, you should gather ample evidence to prove the negligent act of your health professional. You can consult the Miami Medical Malpractice attorneys.

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