What Are The Different Types Of Toothbrush Heads That You Can Buy?

 What Are The Different Types Of Toothbrush Heads That You Can Buy?

The advent of toothbrush dates back to a date, long days back. Humanity has accepted the use of toothbrush and that is for good reason. After all, a toothbrush is an instrument that can keep your mouth clean, safe from bad breath and gum ailments. In other words, it can also keep you away from having a painful session at the oral surgeon’s place.

Talking about toothbrush heads, you can get a variety of them out there. Oral B replacement heads are quite famous in the market because of their variations.

In this post, you will get to know about the different types of heads that you can buy.

The ‘Cross Action’ Toothbrush Head For Superior Cleaning

The ‘Cross Action’ toothbrush head is one of the most advanced ones that you can buy. Designed by different dentists, you can expect to get superior performance in your mouth. The bristles have a 16-degree angular shape, which makes it more powerful to remove plaque. Your gums will be safe too as the bristles have rounded tops. This can be your choice if you want one of the best toothbrush heads.

The ‘3D White’ Toothbrush Head Whitens Your Teeth

Who doesn’t want to give an extra whitish appearance to their teeth? Of course, white teeth give you more confidence while talking to people. The ‘3D White’ is one of the best Oral B replacement heads that you can buy for your teeth. It has a polishing cup, which can remove surface stains and make your teeth shine whiter. With rounded bristle-heads, your gums are safe too.

The ‘Sensi Ultrathin’ Toothbrush Head Smothers Kids’ Teeth

The rounded ultrathin bristles are soft and gentle for your kids. For sensitive gums too, buying these replacement heads is going to be the best option. This toothbrush head is gentle for your gums but harsh towards plaque and stains. It makes sure that gums and teeth are both healthy and clean.

The ‘Precision Clean’ Toothbrush Head For High Precision

This toothbrush head is the perfect one for beginners. The name itself describes its performance, which is cleaning with precision. This head provides 5 times more cleaning at the gum line, thus ensuring your gums to remain happy and healthy.

These were some of the best toothbrush replacement heads, which you can buy for your toothbrush. Contact your dentist to know about the interval of changing your toothbrush heads.

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