What are the latest design earrings for women in 2020?

 What are the latest design earrings for women in 2020?

Women’s earrings are part of the looks of many women. After all, who doesn’t love to complement a basic look with an earring? The accessory makes all the difference and makes the look more beautiful and current. Therefore, women’s earrings are indispensable accessories for those who want a complete look. Here, we give you the latest earring trends for women in 2020.

Light spot (stud earring)

“Darlings of many women”, stud earring is perfect for everyday use. With them the look can remain basic, but with a special detail. They are a good choice to pair with other accessories, especially if you want a necklace to be the protagonist. For those who don’t have a lot of style for combinations of accessories or have a more discreet style, certainly the point of light model is perfect.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are timeless fashion classics, from time to time “reinvented”. The traditional hoop earrings are those formed by a single ring that may have sizes variables. Because of this “simplicity”, they have become such interesting and versatile accessories. Because they are basic options, hoop earrings are often chosen for more relaxed situations. If you are a fan of earrings with more classic and elegant touch, visit https://prtya.com/ now. There is a simple rule for hoop earrings: the larger the hoop is, the thinner the thickness should be.

Drop Earrings

The drop earring is as beautiful as the hoop because its shape matches everything. Depending on the size, this earring model can be used for more casual as well as sophisticated looks. As the drop earring goes with everything, they are widely used by people who value a classic and timeless look. Large drop earrings are statement jewelry, ideal for composing looks for more formal occasions.

Ear Cuffs Earrings

The model of ear cuffs earrings is modern and can be used in the most different occasions. The striking feature of an ear cuff is that it is placed on the lobe and rises towards the top of the ear. The ear cuff model is modern and gives a renewed touch to any look. Therefore, the ear cuffs model   can be used on all occasions.

Ear Hooks Earrings

Like ear cuffs, ear hooks are also current earrings. The striking characteristic of ear hooks is the position they occupy in the ear lobe. The earring must convey the idea that it is hanging from the ear, but inside the lobe.

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