What Are The Other Use Cases Of A VPS Server Apart From Web Hosting?

 What Are The Other Use Cases Of A VPS Server Apart From Web Hosting?

A VPS Server is used in a VPS Hosting solution where isolated servers with dedicated resources are allocated to the websites through virtualization technology

A VPS Web Hosting Server is a private server that hosts websites and offers exclusive resources to enhance reliability, performance, uptime, security, and more. This hosting solution is perfect for growing businesses and websites as they receive the best of a Dedicated Server’s features at a much lower and affordable cost

However, apart from website hosting, a VPS Server can be used for several other purposes and use cases. 

How can I use my VPS Server apart from website hosting? 

Here are some ideas that you can use and implement to use your VPS Server: 

  • Collaborative file editing 

    Several collaborative tools and platforms are available, such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, connecting and allowing third-party users to work on a project collaboratively. However, these platforms undermine privacy. 

    However, you can install your own collaborative real-time editors on your VPS Server, such as CryptPad.fr or Etherpad and EtherCalc. CryptPad.fr is a highly secure IBM support portal Cloud office suite by XWiki SAS used for creating presentations, documents, spreadsheets, project management kanbans, whiteboards, polls, and more anonymously.

  • Media streaming 

Suppose you love to broadcast multimedia from live events or your home but do not require the additional teleconference features. In that case, you can go for certain web applications that allow you to forego YouTube, Facebook, Twitter for your website. 

Such applications offer you complete liberty to stream media without worrying about the issues that come with the terms and conditions of a particular platform. In addition, they are also capable of mitigating DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) violation issues. 

Softaculous offers Ampache, allowing you to share your music collection or stream audio instead of creating a YouTube, SoundCloud, or Spotify playlist. 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Unlike project management tools that only assist you with internal initiatives, CRM applications target current clients along with external efforts with potential. 

CRM applications: 

  • Tracks prospective customers through sales funnels.
  • Builds customer relationships to enhance the sales of new products and upgrades. 
  • Provide a robust customer and technical support system. 

Small and medium-sized businesses must definitely opt for a CRM to enhance their productivity, gain more insights, and optimize their organizational workflow. 

Zendesk and Salesforce are two major cloud-based CRM solutions available in the market today. 

  • Server software testing 

When it comes to your website’s server, you cannot just simply install something on your Virtual Server Hosting Server, run it, test it, and then uninstall it as required. This practice creates security vulnerabilities, resulting in cyber attacks and website exploitation. 

Instead, you can leverage your Linux Server to test software or applications without the risk of security issues or downtimes due to misconfiguration errors. 

  • Social networking 

People are moving from Twitter and Facebook, which are censored and less secure, to more private platforms, such as Discord, GNU Social, or Mastodon, which can be self-hosted. At the same time, others prefer sticking to emails. 

These less-known social networking platforms use a “long-tail” methodology that connects smaller communities with common interests together. 

If you are looking to install WordPress on your VPS Server, check out the following video:

Ultimate Guide To Install WordPress on VPS Server

Summing Up 

Therefore, apart from just hosting your website, businesses can use their Linux VPS Server for several other purposes and reasons. The best VPS Hosting solution offers high availability, flexibility, reliability, scalability, security, and more. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable VPS hosting solution that matches your business needs and requirements, choose the services of leading hosting providers. They offer the best VPS Server with maximum uptime and full root access to their customers at a cost-efficient price. So, choose a suitable plan for your business today.

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