What are the troubles with Alzheimer’s disease?

 What are the troubles with Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s is an irreversible condition in which degeneration of brain cells occurs due to which they die. It is a progressive disease that means it increases by time. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia-that is memory loss and impairment of cognitive functions. 

Other common signs and symptoms at the initial stage of Alzheimer’s disease are confusion, change in behaviour and altered mood. In advanced stages of the disease, the signs and symptoms can be difficulty in swallowing, difficulty in talking, difficulty in walking etc. Alzheimer’s generally affects older people who are above the age of sixty-five. If anyone near you is suffering from any of these symptoms, take them to the top neurologist in Lahore.

What are the treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease?

There is no treatment yet that can stop the progress of Alzheimer’s. Since it occurs due to the degeneration of the brain cells, nothing can stop its progress. However, symptomatic treatment can help in coping up with the condition. In this article, we are going to discuss the troubles associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

What are the troubles associated with Alzheimer’s disease?

People who are suffering from Alzheimer’s face problem in many days to day activities. These activities are:


People who are suffering from Alzheimer’s face difficulty in memorizing things like dates, events, days and even names. They often forget the address of their house. If they go out, it is so difficult for them to reach back home. Patients who are the patients of Alzheimer’s usually keep on asking the same question again and again. Or they would keep the things at illogical locations and cannot find it back.

Logical thinking and processing

People with Alzheimer’s find it difficult to concentrate on a task. As the diseases progress, they cannot perform simple mathematic calculations that they used to do once. Moreover, it becomes hard for them to pay the bills on time, manage finances and other logical activities.

Decision-making powers

Alzheimer’s affect the ability of a person to make powerful and right decisions. People suffering from it would make poor choices about things like dressing, eating and sleeping time, etc. They would dress improperly according to social gathering or weather. Moreover, they could not drive properly or cook independently because of poor decision-making abilities.

Behavioural changes

Since Alzheimer’s affect the brain cells of the patient, it results in significant personality and behavioural change. People suffering from it would not behave like they used to be before. They would not be able to play the game at which they used to be an expert. These people have severe mood swings, delusions, irritability and agitation. Moreover, they have a distrust in people. They doubt the intentions of people loyal to them and constantly feel insecure about their safety from some people.


People who are suffering from Alzheimer’s need constant attention and supervision. Try not to leave them alone at home as they can hurt themselves. Moreover, try to keep them busy in some activities because some skills are preserved for a long time, even when symptoms worsen. If someone near you is a patient of Alzheimer’s, take them for regular check-ups to the best neurologist in Lahore.

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