What Channel Is The Yankee Game On

 What Channel Is The Yankee Game On

The New York Yankees, an iconic name in the realm of baseball, have legions of fans tuned into their games, home or away. But with the plethora of channels and streaming options available today, a recurring question arises: “What channel is the Yankee game on?” This guide aims to steer you in the right direction, ensuring you never miss a pitch.

Traditional Broadcasts and the Yankees

Historically, YES Network has been synonymous with Yankees baseball. As the official broadcaster for the team, it remains a primary destination for fans.

Regional Sports Networks (RSNs): Besides the YES Network, regional sports networks may also broadcast Yankees games, depending on your location.

National Broadcasts & the Yankees

On occasions where the Yankees are part of a marquee matchup or a special event, national networks step in.

1. ESPN: “Sunday Night Baseball” often features prominent teams, including the Yankees.

2. FOX and FS1: They occasionally broadcast Yankees games, especially during the postseason.

3. TBS: During the MLB playoffs, TBS might be your go-to channel for Yankees action.

Streaming the Yankees

With the rise of cord-cutting, many fans are shifting to streaming platforms:

1. MLB.TV: If you’re out of the local broadcast region, MLB.TV offers live streaming for all out-of-market games.

2. YES Network App: For those with a cable subscription that includes YES, the network’s app provides a streaming option.

3. Major Streaming Services: Platforms like Hulu Live and YouTube TV often feature channels that broadcast Yankees games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why can’t I watch the Yankees game on MLB.TV even though I have a subscription?

  • MLB.TV often has blackout restrictions for in-market games. If you’re within the Yankees’ broadcast region, local networks will typically have exclusive rights.

2. Do I need a separate subscription to stream on the YES Network app?

  • Typically, if you have a cable subscription that includes YES Network, you can use those credentials to access the app’s streaming feature.

3. How can I know in advance which channel will broadcast the Yankees game?

  • The Yankees’ official website provides a broadcast schedule. Additionally, TV guides and sports-focused websites offer daily MLB broadcast schedules.

4. Are postseason Yankee games broadcast on the same channels as regular-season games?

  • Not always. National networks tend to have rights for postseason broadcasting. Check with MLB’s official postseason schedule for specifics.


The New York Yankees, a cornerstone of baseball history, are accessible to fans in various ways, from traditional broadcasting to modern streaming. While YES Network remains a primary hub, diverse options ensure fans stay connected, pitch by pitch.

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