What Happens if You Lock Yourself Out of Your Car?

 What Happens if You Lock Yourself Out of Your Car?

You’ve just pulled up to your favorite grocery store and grabbed your wallet. You push the lock button on the door and close it tightly – then you see your keys resting on the seat of the car where your purse was sitting. You didn’t pop them into it like you thought you did, and now you are locked out of your car. If this scenario hasn’t happened to you yet, something like it probably will.  Here are some tips to help if (when) this happens to you.

Don’t Panic

Although it can be embarrassing and frustrating to get locked out of your car, there is usually no need to panic. According to the American Automobile Association, each year, more than 4,000,000 drivers get locked out of their cars. Knowing in advance that it could happen can help you to be prepared.

Have an Extra Key on Hand

Whether you have a secret spot for a magnetic key holder on the exterior of your car or you just have your extra key at home in a specific location, having that backup can give you peace of mind. You could just call someone at home to bring that key and come and help you out if it is relatively close to where you are.

Contact the Police

If there is a high likelihood that you or someone else is in danger because the keys are stuck inside the locked car, dial 911 and get immediate police assistance

Call for Professional Help

If there is no immediate danger, a locksmith can help. You may be able to use your phone to quickly search on lockout services Kissimmee FL to find someone nearby who knows exactly what to do. Many of these services are available at any hour of the day.

Because it’s likely to happen at least once in your life, be prepared to be locked out of your car by understanding that there is help available.

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