What is a Notary?

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There are many people who have filled out documents only to be told that it is incomplete because it needs to be notarized. This is where being a notary is helpful. A public notary is someone who has been appointed by the government to serve as an impartial witness in certain capacities. The goal of a notary is to prevent fraud from happening. Anyone who is interested in a notary application Florida should be familiar with a notary’s duties.

The Duties of a Notary

A notary’s duty encompasses several tasks. For example, is going to screen people who sign important documents. A few examples include wills, powers of attorney, and property deeds. In this capacity, a notary will verify the identity of the individual signing on the dotted line and verify that they are doing so of their own free will. A notary will also assess someone’s capacity to adequately judge the gravity of their decisions when they sign.

Some notarizations may also require the notary to put the signer under oath, certifying that the information in the document is both true and correct. A notary acts as a representative of the state and will supervise the execution of certain life-changing documents. This might include purchasing real estate, granting powers of attorney, and even signing prenuptial agreements.

When a Notary is Needed

There are several official documents that are going to require a signature that has been notarized. The notary is going to take a look at someone’s ID and signature, verifying that they match. One of the most common times someone will need a notary is during the closing of a house. While some closing attorneys will also serve as notaries, this isn’t always the case. There are numerous legal documents that are going to accompany the closing of a house. In this case, the signatures need to be witnessed.

The good news is that there is a public record of notaries that people can use to locate one. It is a good idea for notaries to make sure they are included in this database so their services can be located.

Become a Notary

It is critical for everyone to understand the tremendous duty that comes with being a notary. A notary is going to supervise the signing of numerous important documents that have the potential to change someone’s life. This is why the application process is so thorough.

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