What is a Relief Print?

 What is a Relief Print?

You are probably wondering what the relief printing process is.  To answer your question, this is when the artist creates a design on a block of material and then uses tools to remove any areas that cannot be printed. After the block is cut, it is inked with a dabber/roller. A sheet of paper is placed on top and pressed against it. Woodcut, linocut, and wood engraving are the most popular types of relief.

Wood engraving

Wood engraving in Perth is a relief print made from a block or end-grain wood. It’s traditionally a slow-growing wood like boxwood, but cheaper alternatives are available such as lemonwood. The artist then engraves a design into the wood using fine steel-cutting tools.

After the cutting process is completed, the artist will apply a thin layer of printing ink. The artist then places a sheet of paper face-down on the inked block and prints the impression.

Wood engravings are usually small-scale and closely worked because of the finely pointed tools. Wood engravings can be black or white, depending on the quality of the engraving.


Linocut printing is made by carving an image onto a block of linoleum. Linoleum, a floor covering dating back to the 1860s, is still used today. However, Die Brucke was the first to use the linocut printing method between 1905-1913.


This printing method is the oldest and was first discovered in China over 1,000 years ago (c800 AD). It is made on a plank of side-grain hardwood (plank), which is unlike wood engraving. You can print in a press, by hand or foot pressure, or with hand-held burnishing tools. Usually, the tools used are either specialist cutting knives or steel gouges (U or V-shaped cutting edges).

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