What Is Audiology? Everything You Need To Know

 What Is Audiology? Everything You Need To Know


The term “Audiology” is a combination of Audio, which means “hearing,” and Logy, which means “the study.” In simple terms, audiology is the study of the auditory senses, which includes the health of the inside of the ear. 

In the blog post, we will understand the concept of Audiology in Queens in detail. So let’s get started.

History Of Audiology

Hippocrates first coined the word audiology in the 4th century BC when he was researching the loss of hearing abilities. The belief of the prominent Greek doctor suggested that the loss of hearing is directly proportional to the changes in weather, the direction of the wind, and tinnitus. 

In 1898, Miller Reese Hutchison developed the world’s first electric hearing aid. This electrical aid is known as Akouphone. It was widely popular until the psychology brand’s experimental study of hearing perception in the 20th century. 

In the year 1920, the invention of measuring hearing loss instrument took place. This instrument is known as an audiometer. It is widely used as research equipment. After this invention, many other discoveries took place to understand and treat hearing loss in Audiology in Queens.

What Is The Role Of An Audiologist?

An audiologist is a person who helps patients with hearing abilities, ranging from newborns to adults. They examine the hearing senses, give the required treatment, distribute and adjust hearing aids. Moreover, an audiologist conducts bone-anchored hearing implants and map cochlear. They advise people about tinnitus, hearing loss, and several communication repair strategies. 

An audiologist can treat a patient in any setting like fundamental research hospitals and private auditory clinics. The person who treats hearing loss in infants is known as a pediatric audiologist. They work together with speech pathologists, otolaryngologists, and early intervention specialists to treat kids of all ages.

License And Certification

After receiving the Degree of Audiology in Queens, the audiologists have to go through a written and practical examination. There are several certifications to pursue audiology that serves to maximize trustworthiness and prominence in the field. Some of the licenses include AAA, ASHA, and CCC.

Salary Of An Audiologist

According to the US survey of 1615 audiologists in 2018, audiologists earn an average salary of USD 83843. However, the survey does not include the audiologists working in primary and secondary schools. Therefore, the average wage of audiologists falls to USD 77600 in the year 2019.

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