What Is Google Ads & Different Types Of Google Advertising?

 What Is Google Ads & Different Types Of Google Advertising?

Google ads is an advertising platform that is not free but a paid ads platform and fall under the category o Pay Per Click. Today who doesn’t know about google just bring a single educated person who is not aware of Google and its services. Google Ads Services (รับยิงแอด google, which is the term in Thai) are one of the most important platforms for marketing and promotion. Companies seotastic buy a google ads plan and put their ads on the google page.

Different Ads Campaign On Google

·       Search Ads Campaign

A search ads campaign is a text ad that can be displayed on the home page of Google and one of the best Google Ads Services that Google offers. Your ads will be placed where most searchers look for the information immediately and thus, it is beneficial for you to go for the text ads campaign. And the best part is that Google will show your ads exactly in the same form as others’ results. There will be a high chance that your ads will be clicked by the searchers.

·       Display Ads Campaign

Display ads are the ads that contain images and work best to draw the user’s attention away from the content. It is the trick to play with legal terms which pretty much fair as you are not forcing anyone to click my ads. YouTube is a search engine too, and ads containing videos are another way to grab the searcher’s attention easily.

·       Video Ads Campaign

Video ads campaign is another form of ads that comes under Google Ads Services, which contains videos. And this kind of ad appears in either middle or at the top, some time may at the bottom of the search. These ads campaign contains YouTube videos somewhat related to the search.

·       Google Mobile App Ads Campaign

This kind of ads which contains a mobile application encourages the audience to install your application and if the app is already installed then it allows to tale certain action in the application. You just need to share the information of your app with google and google will do the rest of the job.

·       Shopping Ads Campaign

Just like other Google ads campaign, google shopping ads are no different from other ads campaign. You can promote your products here with all the specifications and images of the product. When searcher search different product on google there on the google page a pop up will appear as hopping ads.

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