What is Oxandrolone good for? Fastfood: spoon of honey in a barrel of tar!

Pizza, cake, sausage, french fries … From the point of view of a healthy lifestyle, all these products are an absolute evil. But we are all human. And in one or another quantity, the so-called “garbage” food gets into our refrigerators and plates. But one person eats donuts with hot dogs on a regular basis and is not sad, and another time a month he goes to McDonald’s and then for a long time suffers remorse.

For those last who know all the shortcomings of fast food, convenience foods and confectionery, I want to offer a little comfort. A kind of lifesaver for the conscience of the supporters of good nutrition, which sometimes give in to the temptations of the food industry. Even “in a barrel” of saturated fats, carcinogens and sugar, you can find a “spoon” of honey.

Let’s start with pizza. It will be about the store or restaurant option. In home-made pizza, there is still the opportunity to choose a healthy filling or low-fat cheese. The main advantage of any pizza, regardless of type, is cheese as a source of calcium. By the amount of this important element, cheese has left milk far behind. In 100 g of cheese – 1000 mg of calcium (daily rate), in 100 g of milk – 121 mg. The difference is 8 times! In one medium-sized pizza, there will be 100 grams of cheese. So if you had a holiday and ate well in an Italian restaurant or just at home watching TV, you can justify yourself by bringing a lot of benefit to your bones and teeth.

French fries are, of course, not a gift either. Starch and oil of unknown origin will not benefit anyone. Let’s try to come in from the other side. Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C, which deficiency, incidentally, is experienced by 80% of the population, so the Oxandrolone for Sale became popular to gain muscles. But vitamin C is destroyed by traditional methods of cooking potatoes (cooking, frying). But when deep-fried, this does not happen. So, in a large portion of french fries from McDonald’s contains 30% of the daily intake of vitamin C.

There is no single verdict regarding sweets – there are too many kinds of confectionery products in the world. In general terms, we can say that in small quantities there are useful elements everywhere, because the raw materials are, undoubtedly, good products – milk, wheat, cocoa, nuts, eggs, etc. Another question is what of all this remains as a result of deep industrial processing. Therefore, self-cooked foods are usually more healthy.

For example, pancakes. Of course, there will be a lot of fat in them, but there are a lot of useful elements – after all, they are made not from obscure chemical substances, but from milk, eggs and flour. Or another example, if you choose between chocolates and homemade cookies, then it is better to stop at the second option.

The champion in mineral content is halva – a rich source of magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. An honorable second place in this category is occupied by a nut dragee. If you eat enough of it, you can replenish the reserves of many useful substances.

I repeat once again: for the waist, all the sweets listed are equally harmful, but there is a difference for the general condition of the body.

Question: how many excesses can you afford without harming your health? Nutritionists agree that if in 90% of cases you eat right, then the remaining 10% can be spent on your favorite, but not very useful goodies, and there will be no big trouble from this.

And finally, even the most harmful and “garbage” products have one indisputable advantage: they give us pleasure, improve our mood and allow us to take a short break in the bitter struggle for a beautiful body. Do not be afraid of your desires, be afraid to lose control over them.

Maria Larina – Certified Nutrition Consultant, AMERICAN FITNESS PROFESSIONALS AND ASSOCIATES.


Teresa Martinez

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