What is the best Look with the Venetian Plaster

 What is the best Look with the Venetian Plaster

At the end we must let it dry for half an hour and finally apply a wax to the wall that will give it that shine typical of marble and the sophisticated touch. The wax should be applied to the wall with a rag in circles.

Tips for caring for Venetian marble plaster

Venetian marble plaster

These types of walls need some maintenance, not because the color is spoiled, but rather to maintain that beautiful shine. It is recommended that the walls are cleaned with water and degreaser every year, and then another layer of wax is applied to protect the Venetian marble plaster. In general, stucco has a longer life than normal paint and is therefore a great choice for home walls.

What style matches Venetian marble plaster

This cheap polished plaster london technique is inspired by the wealthiest houses of Venetian Renaissance society, so it is certainly linked to interiors in a luxurious and sophisticated style. In general, this type of wall is usually used in rooms with an elegant but classic style, which is the one that best combines with this type of wall. However, we can also use it in modern spaces to give an original touch of sophistication to everything.

  • To facilitate the work, we can use pre-mixed products that are already on the market, considerably shortening the time. The mixture consists of water, plaster, lime, colored pigments and other synthetic substances.
  • The application is carried out by placing three layers with a spatula, obtaining the typical effect with the last layer.
  • And that’s it. We have finally seen how to make a Venetian marble plaster and we find that although it is something elaborate it is not impossible either. As a final tip , we tell you that before you start making the entire Venetian marble plaster wall, you better try a small portion of it.

Tired of the Venetian marble plaster you painted years ago? Do you want to get it out but don’t know how? Forget about efforts and having to scratch thoroughly. Now you don’t need to spend days eating the powder to paint on stucco either. There is an efficient and easy alternative to carry out .

The main problem with Venetian marble plaster painting is that it is not possible to paint directly over it to cover it, except that we do a previous preparation of the wall. The reason is that the finish is closed pore and to paint over stucco we need a porous finish surface.

Options for removing Venetian marble plaster

We have the option of sanding the Venetian a little and then give it a coat of sealing primer so that the paint can get on top. This is the most traditional solution for painting on Venetian marble plaster.

Once dry, it leaves a porous finish that allows you to grab the paint that you want to put on it, or even, you could also paper on it. The reason is that the glue also grips on an open pore surface.


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