What Is Winter in Florida Like?

 What Is Winter in Florida Like?

Did you know that Florida has the longest coastline in the U.S.? It’s an astounding 1,197 miles long.

Florida has more than 9,200 miles of trails used for hiking and cycling. It has 175 state parks and 12 national parks. 

Since winter in Florida is typically warm you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities if you’re visiting the state on vacation. Keep reading to learn more about the warm winter in this beautiful state. 

Typical Winter Weather 

Florida enjoys warm weather year-round which makes it a state with one of the warmest winters in the country. You’ll usually get a lot of sun during the day with high temperatures in the 70s, perfect for outdoor activities not typical in other states. 

Most nights you’ll need a light jacket for temperatures in the upper 50s or 60s. Cold fronts can lower the temperatures throughout the state in the winter but this doesn’t occur all winter long. 

While rainfall is unusual during the winter months, the warm weather can bring some rain during the winter from time to time. 

You Might Stumble on Some Iguanas

The cold fronts that pass through the state of Florida during the winter can bring the temperature down enough to affect some of the animals common to the area. While iguanas aren’t a native species, they’ve become quite common in the southern parts of Florida. 

Since iguanas are cold-blooded reptiles, cool nights and lower temperatures can cause them to freeze. This is when falling iguanas become a problem because these animals prefer to spend their time in trees. Many iguana control services can help you with this issue, however. 

You Can Spend Time in Nature 

Since you’re most likely to enjoy tropical weather during a Florida winter, this is the perfect excuse to spend some time in nature. With all the outdoor activities at your disposal, you’re bound to find something you’ll love.

You can spend your days at one of the many beautiful Florida beaches. You can also choose to visit another Florida animal, the adorable manatee. The warm temperatures attract these mammals to the many freshwater springs in the state.  

Visit One or All the Theme Parks 

The warm winter is also a great reason to visit one of the amazing theme parks in the state of Florida. You’ll be able to wear short sleeves throughout the day when the sun’s out and enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights used to decorate the parks at night, without freezing to death. 

Disney World is one you can’t miss out on, it’s the perfect place to bring the entire family. Legoland Florida is a great choice for the little ones in your life, they’ll marvel at the Christmas tree made from legos and fireworks show at night. 

Everything to Know About Winter in Florida

Winter in Florida is warm and inviting. You’ll love the sunny days and cool nights and all the great outdoor activities you can do. 

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