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Nowadays, phone manufacturers appear to be obsessed with creating their own-brand headphones to accompany their flagship devices, and that is precisely what Huawei has done with the FreeLace. freelaces are a set of in-ear, wireless headphones developed by Huawei specifically for use with the company’s new Huawei P30 as well as Huawei P30 Pro smartphones, which are both available now.

The Perfect Choices

Unlike the rival Samsung Galaxy Buds as well as the soon-to-be-released Apple Airpods 2, the FreeLace feature a design that is reminiscent of an old-school band, rather than being truly wireless. This may lead you to question why you would choose them over a rival set from a more well-established audio manufacturer.

However, after spending a few weeks with both the Huawei Freelance, we discovered that it has a few unique characteristics that set it apart from the competition. These features, along with a long battery life and somewhat decent audio quality, allow the FreeLace to perform remarkably well in comparison to the competition, despite Huawei’s relative inexperience in the headphone market.

Unfortunately, a few minor faults prevent them from becoming genuine Airpods competitors. They are also unsuitable for gym users due to a lack of wing tip or clip configurations available.

Huawei FreeLace – Conceptual Design

As long as you don’t choose the orange colour scheme, the Freelace in-ear headphones are a very inconspicuous pair of in-ear headphones. The headphones are designed in the traditional band headphone style, with the earbuds connected to the remote and microphone.

With the metal shell on the mic and remote parts feeling sturdy and appropriately expensive, the build quality is excellent overall. They’re also very comfy to put on and take off. This is mostly due to the thicker and flat surface of the rubber cable on the back, which allows it to rest flush against your neck.

So far, so dreary?

The Freelace, on the other hand, has a unique design element hidden under the hood. The headphones will come apart as soon as you grab the remote and pull it, exposing a USB Type C connection. A Huawei phone running the most recent version of EMUI may be used to link with the FreeLace using the included connection. When we tested the function on the Huawei P30 Pro, it worked well. They were ready to use the FreeLace within seconds after connecting it in for the first time.

You can also charge the headphones by connecting them to any phone or tablet that has a USB C port. When you connect the FreeLace into a phone, it looks about as attractive as the first Apple Pencil, which isn’t saying much considering how amazing and handy it is.


According to Huawei, charging the phone in this manner on a P30 or P30 Pro would provide you with about four hours of battery life from a five-minute charge. This accounts for a large portion of the FreeLace’s 18-hour claimed battery life. Both statements seem to be a bit too generous in my opinion. Five minutes of charging time with the P30 provided me with a good 15-20 percent of battery life, which was more than enough for an hour-long gym session or the 30-minute drive home.


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