What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Opener Remote Is Lost?

Self Assessment 

When the garage door opener is lost, one can’t go wrong with double and triple-checking back in common areas where the opener is often kept before going to the store or ordering a replacement garage door opener online. Checking with children or spouses is also a good initial step in saving money. 

Consider Safety 

If that replacement garage door opener has not yet been delivered, it is a good idea to keep the garage door closed and locked with a key just in case the opener has been stolen. The garage door will also have to be operated manually with the actual device switched off or unplugged. This will keep belongings and residents safe while a replacement garage door opener is being acquired. Even if the neighborhood or residential area is thought to be safe and free from instances of burglary–it is best to keep a malfunctioning unit closed just in case someone with nefarious intentions drives by and happens to see a set of tools or other equipment worth stealing. This is especially the case at night when neighbors can’t help keep a lookout for what’s going on around the property. Replacing these items can get extremely expensive and can easily go above and beyond the price of getting that replacement garage door opener quickly! A couple more tips would be to take pictures or videos of items, even in the garage so that insurance claims can properly be made upon any instances of theft. Finally, if any spare security cameras around the property can be mounted in the garage or near the garage, it is a good idea to mount those for added security while waiting for the new opener to come. 

Bonus: If the garage door itself has a setting that can disengage openers–it is a good idea to de-program openers that have worked to prevent theft or break-ins. Some videos can be watched online to help in this process. This can be likened to having a key go missing. Some homeowners will go and get locks changed if they are confident that a set of keys has gone missing or been stolen by someone. 

Ordering Replacement Garage Door Opener

Sometimes the old garage door opener just can’t be located. Either consult a professional business or go online to find a quality replacement garage door opener that matches the specifications of the garage door opener mounted on the garage ceiling. Having serial numbers written down on the machine while shopping is a useful trick to streamline the process. To save time and effort, many universal remotes will work with just about any garage door system. That is unless the system is extremely old or obscure. 

There are a variety of replacement garage door opener options to choose from just online. Amazon lists price ranges from as little as $13 up to $100 or more. There are varieties of units to be engaged by the secure remote access, distances, or even choices of different colors per the preference of the customer. 

Clare Louise

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