What to do to prepare for a Good Massage?

 What to do to prepare for a Good Massage?

To release the pressure of your busy life schedule, you can try massage. Massages are known for breaking up muscle tension, relieving pain, and reduce stress and anxiety in your life. Most people consider massages to be a therapy that helps them battle the day-to-day stress in their life. A good massage improves the quality of your life. So, if you book a massage (จอง นวด, which is the term in Thai), here are a few preparations you can do to increase the effect of massage.

How to prepare for the massage?

You might book a massage for pain relief, release the muscle tension, or bursting your stress. Whatever the reason behind your visit, you can use the following tips to prepare and make the most out of your massage sessions.

·       Hydration

Before you go for the massage, make sure you are hydrated. Being hydrated is crucial as stressed muscle leads to inflammation and toxin build-up that interact with the massage. The toxin build-up blocks the oxygen and nutrient flow in your body. Massage improves your blood flow and makes the most out of your massage session to make sure you have enough water to flush out the released toxins from your body.

·       Breathing

Massage not only relaxes your body but also your mind. To help you relax more during the massage session, you can try to perform normal breathing. Limiting your breath during the massage makes you feel more nervous and lower the relaxation. To achieve more relaxation, it is best to practice normal breathing before involving in the massage session. You need to avoid any counterproductive activity that can hamper down the quality of the massage you receive. So, inhale and exhale generally before your massage and during your massage.

·       Try To Communicate

You need to communicate with your masseur about the problem area. Even you can ask the massage therapist for the oil you like, the friction level you need while massaging. Be sure to tell the therapist about your allergies. Communicate any kind of discomfort you have in between the massage session with your massage therapist.

·       Use Loose Comfortable Clothing

When you book a massage, make sure you arrive at the massage parlor in loose clothing, which provides you the comfort. You need to undress for your massage, so make sure you have loose clothing that makes the undressing process easy for you. Moreover, you can try some of the relaxation processes before going for a massage in loose clothing.

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