What to expect from an employment law attorney in White Plains?

 What to expect from an employment law attorney in White Plains?

As an employee, you shouldn’t have to deal with discrimination or unfair practices at the workplace. Sadly, cases concerning violations of employment law are often reported in NY. There are several circumstances when one may need legal counsel to fight the uphill battle of seeking justice. If you are hiring an employment law attorney White Plains, here are certain things you can expect.

Is it time to hire an employment lawyer?

Before we discuss crucial traits of attorneys, check whether you have a situation listed below –

  1. You have a case of sexual harassment
  2. You suffered racial or religious discrimination at work
  3. You were fired from the job because of whistle-blowing activities
  4. You were fired or demoted because you were pregnant
  5. You were not paid overtime dues
  6. You were not given fair opportunities because of your age

You may also need an employment lawyer to negotiate severance packages and review new job contracts.

Check for these traits

If you are working with an employment law attorney for the first time, check for these aspects –

  1. Immediate response: An employment lawyer is expected to respond immediately and respond to your emails and calls.
  2. Free evaluation: Most law firms in White Plains don’t charge anything to review potential cases concerning employment law and discrimination.
  3. Advice on the situation: When it comes to workplace discrimination, your lawyer will guide you on how to gather evidence and handle the situation at your job.
  4. Explain legal options: Besides explaining your rights, an employment lawyer will also suggest the best ways to proceed with your claim.
  5. Keep up with deadlines: Your lawyer is also expected to handle all paperwork and adhere to filing details to avoid common mistakes.
  6. Communication: The employment lawyer should also communicate with your employer and their legal team on your behalf.
  7. Seek compensation: Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer will negotiate the settlement and ensure you get a fair amount for the damage caused.
  8. Support: Once you hire an attorney, there is little you need to worry about. Your employment lawyer will also update you on new information from time to time.

Always choose an employment lawyer who is local and has experience working in White Plains. If required, you can also refer to online reviews to compare law firms, and yes, don’t forget to ask for references. Ideally, it is best to hire a legal team as soon as you have a claim or face discrimination at work.

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