What to Know About Types of Growing Containers

Containers always add a vibrant look to your home. There are different sizes and container shapes, so figuring out which one to pick can be confusing. There are several growing containers like bulk plant pots out there. Most of them are ideal for various humidity levels, plants, and even weather conditions. They also come with multiple benefits and challenges you should be aware of before you make your choice. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the different types of growing containers and what you need to know about them; let’s take a look.

Plastic Growing Containers

The most popular option on the list is plastic containers. Most people prefer this option because they’re inexpensive, and they are also relatively easy to store when not in use. There are different options to pick from when you’re going with plastic containers. When they feature light colors, they heat quite easily and cool just as quickly. Additionally, dark-colored plastic growing containers retain heat when you leave them in full sun, and they can damage your plant. For proper drainage, smart companies made ready holes on their plastic containers. It won’t make sense if you buy bulk plant pots and you have to drill holes into all of them.

Terra Cotta Pots

They are another popular option because they are inexpensive. However, terracotta pots might be a better option than plastic because of their porosity that allows plants to breathe. Additionally, they also come with drainage holes to simplify watering your plants and ensure optimum plant help. However, the downside to these bulk plant pots is that they tend to crack when the soil frees. Just like the dark-colored plastic containers, they also retain heat. This feature might be good for plants like eggplants, but they’re bad for plants not fond of the heat. Overall, they’re visually appealing and are a great option to start with.

Wooden Growing Containers

If you want another option, you can explore wooden containers. This option is ideal for growing your plants indoors. They are not only attractive, for they also come with drainage holes for your plants. The only issue is that some of these wooden containers are treated with toxic chemicals that might cause problems to your plant. It is not the best choice when growing vegetables for the safety of your plants.

Fabric Pots

This option is also famous as smart pots. They are great for your plant roots because they ensure the constant growth of roots, which also helps with plant growth. This option also helps to improve watering as it is hard to overwater your plant in a fabric pot. Storing this growing container is also easier than other options. However, a downside is that they might not be the best for all environments because they leak water.

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