What To Know More About Poker Cheating Devices

 What To Know More About Poker Cheating Devices

The real-world who is playing poker is using poker cheating devices like https://www.markedcardsforsale.com/poker-scanner-analyzer.html to win the game. The device is uniquely designed and capable of reading card markings. Are you interested in knowing about this device? So, let’s start discussing about the devices in detail.

Overview of the device

Actually, the poker device looks like a fake phone and is fully functional, having extra hardware required for cheating. It is not only suitable for poker but also used for other card games as well.

Software included in this device

The device runs using a custom Chinese 4.2.2 ROM. This hardware is a naked chain that is meant for cheating and can be controlled using an android app. The cheating interface appeared as a normal Android app that comes with the name ‘Game.’

Working of the device

The device generally comprises of hidden camera that is present on one side. IR filter is removed to perceive the IR light. The presence of three concealed IR LEDs is used for illuminating the deck so that marking on the cards become visible. What you can do is taking a picture of the device in the dark using a camera that doesn’t have an IR filter. You can clearly see 3 LEDs.

What about card markings?

The game is all about the marked cards that are marked using IR absorbing ink. Using this device, the marked deck can easily be illuminated while creating a sequence of black spots. You can compare these cards with the regular one that doesn’t have any kind of marking.

The conclusion

It is pretty clear that poker cheating devices including https://www.markedcardsforsale.com/poker-scanner-analyzer.html are quite efficient. The build quality of such devices is known to be profitable and used by making poker gamers. Anyone can take the benefit of poker cheating devices and win the game.


Gill Daniel

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