What you should know about Surrogacy?

 What you should know about Surrogacy?

Do you want to become a parent but cannot since your wife is unable to conceive? Yes, many marriages have been broken in the past due to the wife’s incapability to produce a child. Normally, few women cannot bear a child due to genetic problems or even medical conditions? So, what can you do to get a child in your family? There are various ways in which you can have a child-like a test tube baby method or even by artificial fertilization. But these methods are very expensive and do not guarantee a healthy offspring.

One of the safest and sure-shot ways of having a child in your family is by Surrogating. Surrogating is a settlement made with another woman, where the woman agrees to bear the child for you and after the child is born, the baby is handed over to the wife of the husband. This method was not very popular in earlier times due to societal constraints, but now it has become legal in almost every country.

So, if you are planning to go for Hong Kong international surrogacy, make sure you know a few facts before proceeding:

  • Do Not Force Anyone

Surrogacy should be implemented when and only if you find a person who is willing to become a temporary mother. You cannot force or blackmail someone to bear a child for you. This might lead to legal problems, and to some extent, it is a crime to force someone to become the mother of your child.

  • Make Sure That Your Country Has Legal Amendments for Surrogacy

Before going for surrogacy, make sure that your country permits this type of activity. There are almost 50 countries in the world, where surrogacy is illegal. Therefore, always make sure that you are clear from all legal front.

  • Hire an Agency

Many agencies assist in the Hong Kong surrogacy process. These agencies know all the procedures and loopholes of this method. Therefore, hiring them will save you from any kind of legal issues as well as save your time. 

  • Know the Mother Well

Before selecting a person to become the temporary mother of your child, make sure that you know her well. Research her background and make sure she does not have any bad habits like smoking, alcohol intake or drug consumptions. These habits will affect your offspring once she conceives.

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