Where to Buy High-Quality Solvent Traps for Cleaning Firearms?

Are you thinking of getting a solvent trap? You should know by now that anything related to firearms should be high grade and reliable to get the best use out of it. You’re making a great choice picking solvent traps as they help reduce risk and improve firearm safety, reliability and overall performance. These products also contribute to the preservation of our environment as they help firearm owners recycle, store, and dispose of solvent properly. 

What Are Solvent Traps?

Solvent traps or Solvent catchers are used for routine firearm cleaning, which capture solvent during the maintenance and bore cleaning processes to be correctly disposed of. They feature dry storage cups, which are also referred to as dividers. These can help you catch solvent and discard the remains. 

Many people mistake solvent traps for other firearm accessories because of their resemblance, but solvent traps don’t have a hole bored through the center, and are not serialized. Solvent traps are intended to do exactly what they are constructed to do, which is catch solvent. They are an excellent investment that helps firearm owners with routine cleaning to sty safe, and make cleaning more efficient. 

Why Should You Use Solvent Traps to Clean Your Firearm?

Cleaning your firearm regularly gives you better performance. And what better way to clean your firearm than with a solvent trap. They ensure that you don’t leave any mess while cleaning. Because using a solvent to clean your firearm can get messy.

Another reason is safety. Armory Den’s solvent traps are made with some of the higher quality materials, like Grade 5 titanium and Aircraft grade aluminum. Firearms have different thread sizes to fit your model firearm, and are made with quality materials as they are carried around by owners during transport and storing your firearms.

Are Solvent Traps Illegal?

It is legal to own and use a solvent trap if used as intended. Like any product your would buy from a local hardware or home improvement store. A hammer or nail gun is more harmful than a solvent trap out of the box, or even a new kitchen knife set from home appliance stores. According to legalities, you cannot alter, modify, or redesign them into a device for muffling, silencing, or diminishing a firearm’s report, without first filing and receiving back from BATFE an approved Form 1. However, we do not recommend modifying any of our products and we sell them as firearm cleaning accessories. 

At Armory Den, we pride ourselves on selling legal solvent traps for only one intention, that is cleaning. Hence why we only sell certain products on our site and provide tips for firearm cleaning and maintenance. Our specifications are all within the standard parameters and guidelines, even though our intent is not to sell them them than anything other than firearm cleaning accessories. 

Even police officers, police departments and government officials purchase our solvent traps. At the end of the end, they help all owners improve the reliability of their firearms if used as intended and on a regular basis. 

How to Use Solvent Traps

Using Solvent traps is pretty straightforward, but each solvent traps can be used in different ways for cleaning and storage preferences. We also have more content on our homepage that provides tips and cleaning practices for routine firearm maintenance. For example, you can insert the storage cup (open cup side facing the muzzle), and let it slide down into the tube so it hits the end cap. Then you take the thread adapter side and screw it onto the muzzle end of your firearm. 

Then while cleaning your firearm with the cleaning rod, solvent trap and other items you might use, the solvent will fall into the trap and catch in the cup. This way you can unscrew the end cap when you are finished and discard or recycle the solvent or other cleaning lubricants. This saves a ton of time with messes and cleaning up. Solvent traps are cost-effective because you can re-use them after use.

Why You Should Get Your Solvent Traps From Armory Den

In the most straightforward words, armoryden.com deals in quality. Our solvent traps are engineered and adequately designed to provide you with that extra level of durability and class to your firearm, especially if you choose to keep your solvent trap attached to your barrel, and on display for later use. 

Armory Den is a U.S. company that carries the best quality solvent traps, firearms cleaning kits, accessories, and parts. We are proud of our high grade products, and our team is constantly updating our customers with the latest and greatest cleaning products at the lowest prices in the industry! 

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