Why Bespoke Mining Scales Are Better Than One Size Fits All

 Why Bespoke Mining Scales Are Better Than One Size Fits All
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Mass production was a very common manufacturing practise, throughout the late 1910s and early 1920s. Manufacturers used to produce a large number of the same product without any consideration for the customer’s needs.

However, now there are many manufacturing businesses that don’t run this way. Instead, their customers are more aware of what they need, and know exactly what they want. This was the first step in making bespoke manufacturing more popular.

From cars, to mining scales – businesses especially want their machinery to be bespoke and customised to their businesses. They get a higher-quality piece of equipment that is perfect as per their requirements, making it better than a one size fits all approach.

A mining scale is one of the most essential pieces of machinery on a mining site. It helps to monitor efficiency, record weights and transactions, while ensuring no overloading or underloading is happening on site.

It is a considerable investment for any mining site, so you would want it to be the best possible scale, perfect for your particular site. However, some sites will still be choosing a one size fits all mining scale approach, just so that they can save some money. So, is it worth it? Most of the time, no.

So, let’s see why bespoke mining scales are better than a one size fits all approach.

Zero Compromise

One issue that may arise with one size fits all mining scales, is that you may have to compromise on your preferred features. Sometimes the features you want or need aren’t available in the one size fits all scales you can purchase.

However, this is never the case with a bespoke mining scale. You do not have to compromise on the features, or the costs. You can get everything you need, and everything you want, all in one scale, no compromise.

Customised Reports

Every mining site will have its own personal mining scale requirements. Bespoke mining scales allow you to get customised reports on waste division rate, route density, the weight of trucks, number of trips and many other helpful pieces of data.

A customised mining scale will have the ability to create reports for you, and then you won’t have to do anything manually.  

Return on Investment

You cannot deny that a high-quality customised mining scale is likely to be a bit more expensive than a one size fits all scale. However, what is more important is the return on investment that you receive from your choice of scale.

A bespoke mining scale is worth every cent– they will be both accurate and dependable. All of the benefits you reap from a bespoke mining scale, will eventually lead to an increase in revenue.

When it comes to technologically advanced and innovative mining scales, Trakblaze is your answer. They boast over 90 years of experience in the market, and they deliver the best bespoke mining scales to their clients.

Trakblaze mining scales are built to be used in even the harshest weather conditions, especially conditions specific to mining sites. If you are in need of a bespoke mining scale, get in touch with Trakblaze. You can call them or contact them via the form on their website, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Teresa Martinez

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