Why Should You Choose Meal Worms for Your Pet?

 Why Should You Choose Meal Worms for Your Pet?

Mealworms are popular among reptile owners as they are a convenient feeder insect that you can offer to your pets like lizards. After all, this humble mealworm has long been a preferred dietary staple of pet amphibians and reptiles.

You can get mealworms in different sizes from places like https://www.topflightdubia.com/mealworms and ensure you offer your pet healthy and nutritious feed. And if you are still confused about why you should choose mealworms for your pet, keep reading.

Mealworms for Your Reptile Pet 

Different herps love mealworms and willingly snap them up. However, although larger species can sometimes ignore them because these worms are so small, if your pet does not show any interest, you can try rotating out food.

What you can do is, choose to offer your lizard other insects, like locusts, crickets, soldier fly, wax worms, or larvae, for a while. Then get back to mealworms. After all, professionals recommend that you should offer variety in a reptile’s diet.

So, you should consider feeding mealworms to your pets one day, then another kind of insect the next time, then alternative, eventually back to mealworms. Rotating the insects is an excellent idea, even if your reptile will never tire of consuming mealworms.

Birds That Consume Mealworms 

Any insectivorous bird is probable to relish a treat of mealworms. Most passerines are partially insectivorous when they are feeding their chicks. It is because the protein of insects is necessary for the proper growth and development of the chick.

Though not all birds will consume mealworms exclusively, they can at least sample these worms, especially if other food sources are infrequent and have hungry chicks demanding meals. So, if you are a bird’s owner too, you can choose to go for mealworms.

Apart from birds, other animals can eat mealworms, including rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, cockroaches, frogs, and of course, snakes.

Feeding Mealworms to Lizards

Mealworms have been the primary feeder insect in the diets of insect-eating lizards for several years now. It would be best if you dusted the mealworms with mineral and vitamin supplements (as per your lizard’s specific needs) before feeding. In most instances, a calcium supplement is the most crucial one.

Moreover, phosphorus and vitamin D3 are also generally important ones. Do some research and decide what is essential for your specific animals because mealworms alone are not always sufficient.

What are the Different Stages of Mealworm?

Mealworms are the grubs of a flour beetle, and they have three life stages. These stages are like larvae, pupa, and beetles. In other words, mealworms are the larval stage of the Mealworm Beetle. You can find these worms in two sizes mini 10-15 mm and standard 20-30 mm.

All the insect-eating reptiles love to eat mealworms. Snakes eat pupa occasionally, and pets eat the beetles if they have just pupated. You can make it out as newly pupated beetles are brown, whereas older beetles are black.

To sum up, live mealworms are full of protein and moisture and are brilliant food for your reptiles and other insect eater pets.

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