Why You Need an Engineer for Your Site Survey

Perhaps you have a construction project in Denver and require the service of  Galloway architecture in Denver. Inspecting your project site is an essential step in the construction process that a site owner or planner should not skip for any reason.

Engineering surveyors are engineers who specialize in site surveying. It is their job to physically visit a proposed construction site and, using appropriate equipment, carry out on-site survey operations to obtain critical data from which information that influences the building plan and design will be processed.

The following are the reasons why you need an engineer to survey your site:

  1. Survey engineers are professionals trained to inspect construction sites: They have years of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field. Survey engineers use a variety of equipment to get spatial and topographic information of a piece of land. This information aids them in designing systems and planning construction projects for execution on the site.
  2. Survey engineers can spot problems that others may not be aware of: As part of their training, engineers have an eye for hidden faults and dangers that others may not be aware of. If you hire an engineer from Galloway architecture in Denver to survey your site, the engineer will spot any land issue that may pose a risk during or after construction. Sometimes, land faults are not immediately visible and will require technical operations to discover. That is why you need an engineer to be in charge of the site survey.
  3. Planning the building: The building’s design must consider the report of the site survey. The design will include strategies to overcome issues or challenges with the site, such as compensating for elevation, reinforced foundations, extra support to compensate for gravitational effects, etc. The engineer will create the control points for the project and can go on to serve as the project manager.
  4. Upon completion of the survey, the engineer returns to the office to file the survey data and other necessary documents, including the calculations, recommendations, and plans for the site. In this way, another engineer can use the information to complete the job if the original survey engineer is unavailable.

At Galloway architecture in Denver, survey engineers are integral to the success of construction projects and work will not begin until a detailed survey report has been received and used in creating designs and plans for the project.

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