Why You Should Think about Moving to a Dedicated Server?

 Why You Should Think about Moving to a Dedicated Server?

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Is your website witnessing frequent downtimes? Or are you concerned about its security and the constant threat of viruses and malware due to the sharing of servers with other websites? Also, is your website unable to handle the growing traffic and often slows down? If the answer to any of these is yes, you should shift to dedicated server hosting.

Signs that You Need Dedicated Server

Most new websites or businesses have budgetary constraints and so look to buy hosting plans that are cheaper. While shared hosting plans are highly suitable for new websites having less traffic and low-security needs, they prove to be inadequate for growing businesses. Here are some indications that you should move to a dedicated server in India.

  • When Your Website Traffic Surges– Shared hosting plans are suitable for websites that witness limited visitor traffic. However, with the growth in business and the popularity of a website, visitor traffic surges. And this is the time when the resources included in your shared hosting plan prove to be inadequate to handle the growing traffic. This is because the resources of a shared server are split among multiple sites. To ensure that the increased visitor traffic to your website is handled well and your website can handle the same without any problems, you should consider switching to a dedicated server.
  • If You Are Expecting Your Business to Grow– In case you are expecting your website to grow soon and witness increased traffic volumes, you should consider a switch to a dedicated server. This will help you deal with the increased traffic when it happens and prevent any kind of dissatisfaction among the visitors.
  • If Your Website Pages Take Long to Load– Another indication that you need dedicated resources is when the pages of your website take a long time (more than three seconds) to load. This could be because the resources are inadequate to handle the large number of images or videos that you have placed on these pages. The dedicated server can improve the page load speeds by providing your website access to all the resources of the server. Faster load times lead to happy customers.
  • Facing Storage Issues-If you are finding it difficult to add content to your site without compromising on its speed, you need more storage resources. A dedicated server can help you deal with this problem and allow you to add as many pages or videos or content.
  • Your Website Needs Greater Security– Shared servers offer adequate security for smaller websites. But as a business grows, so does the information and content stored on it.  If you are worried about the security of the information stored on your website and cannot afford to have it stolen or compromised, shift to dedicated server hosting.

Identifying and recognising these signs can help you know when to buy a dedicated hosting plan. A dedicated server plan will help in enhancing the performance and the security of your website while easily handling the growing visitor traffic.


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