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Women’s Corset Basics – All You Need to Know Before Buying and Flaunting One!


Women’s corset-style guide is diverse with lots of options to experiment with material, shapes, fits, patterns, and colors. They can be underbust or overbust, with less and more extreme curves, with plastic or steel boning, worn under or over the clothes. They can be worn alone or can be incorporated to add corset elements, such as lace in dresses or skirts. Corsets can zip-up, lace-up, or have hook and eye closures. You can go all out with corset detailing such as frills or beads to accentuate some parts and de-emphasize the entire look.

To get the perfect corset look with the needed comfort, its essential to be aware of the popular corset materials listed below:

Satin – Women’s corset with satin is usually worn under the clothes. This is the perfect choice if you want the hourglass figure without the corset showing.

Mesh – Mesh corset is breathable and light, which makes it the ideal choice for the summer months. It gives the body a great silhouette, and it can be worn over as well as under the clothes.

CottonCotton corset remains the most comfortable and casual option, which is durable and breathable. But, it is advisable not to wear a cotton corset as underwear, as it’s a bit thicker.

Leather – Leather corsets are comfortable over the clothing and are incredibly stylish. But it is absolutely not recommended for waist training as it stretches out.

Brocade – Brocade is a thick, durable polyester blend, and extremely popular for a corset. Corsets made of brocade are worn as a stylish accessory.

Tips to remember:

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