Work From Home Tips For Regulated Entities

We are now living in the new normal. A society where working from home has been seen as an opportunity to keep working and remain productive despite the pandemic. However, this setup has been a challenging adjustment for regulated entities. It is hard to stay compliant, especially with employees working remotely. Communication supervision and retention policies are still to be implemented as regulators have been doing their best to prevent misconduct. Being able to archive text messages and other mobile communications has proved to be invaluable at this certain time.

One of the problems that companies face is the use of new communication tools. Instant messaging apps like Whatsapp have been a staple for employees getting in touch with their co-workers and clients during this pandemic. For this, Whatsapp call recording is highly recommended. The markets have also been volatile because of the crisis, so employees must keep in touch with their clients.

With all this being said, something that companies can do would be to audit all communications after the crisis. This can ensure that relevant information and business records are retained if they are ever needed for future use. This will include texts, calls, instant messaging apps, and other means of communication used. Sensitive communications are also to be protected using encryptions. Encrypted messaging apps such as Whatsapp can help in this area. Lastly, employees should be prepared to meet the regulatory requirements. Company-issued devices should be given to employees for their business-related conversations.

For more on this, here’s an infographic by Telemessage.

Teresa Martinez

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