Working with Colored Foamex Sheets – An Insight

 Working with Colored Foamex Sheets – An Insight

By now we have talked enough about Foamex, which is basically a form of PVC board, and we know that it is a very versatile material that can be used for displays and signage. In fact, Foamex sign printing is so popular these days owing to the fact that it is economical, lightweight, durable and flexible. The fact of the matter, is that you can literally print anything on the standard Foamex sheet and what is even better is that it is also manufactured in a variety of colors. Everyone knows that signage plays a very important role when it comes to getting hold of new customers or for that matter even keeping old customers engaged. A brand that invests in creating innovative signs that are catchy actually ends up in capitalizing on the opportunity of marketing to their clientele significantly. Foamex sign printing, thus, can really assist in that quest of creating the perfect product marketing campaign with signage.

Now coming to colored Foamex sheets, when you utilize white ink printing, you can actually come up with a lot of fantastic effects – the kind that would otherwise be unachievable. One of the primary benefits of working with colored sheets instead of using white Foamex printing is that you will eliminate the need or in fact the existence of the board being completely white.

Let us take a simple example, let’s say that you are in the need of printing an orange background which you need to do on the front of your sign, now instead of your colored sheet having a glaring white edge, you can actually already have a pre-colored background that will end up leading uniformly throughout the board and thus making your Foamex printing not only more attractive but also economical.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of printers today can use white ink along with CMYK Ink, on top of it which will help in making any design or colour which you need to get printed on your colored for make sheets appear to be nicer while at the same time being opaque. The reason why we need to emphasize on this point is because, if you end up using just CMYK colors on your colored Foamex sheets the colour will turn out to be translucent in nature and might also take up the reflection of the colour that is the main colour of the board. It’s one of the main things that you need to keep in mind when using colored Foamex sheets since if you’re looking for a bold and bright print then you need to go for a white ink printout first.

Hence, using colored Foamex sheets can breathe new life into your signage. Be it construction site hoardings, to brand awareness, the right usage and creativity can really bring your signs come to life in the most cost-efficient manner that is also low on the hassle of creating heavy signage that is quite a task to install. So get your thinking cap on and capitalize on the usage of this wonderful product.

Gill Daniel

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