Your Business Should Absolutely Be Recording Calls and Here’s Why!

 Your Business Should Absolutely Be Recording Calls and Here’s Why!

Have you heard of something like a deaf calling? 

Ok, let’s have it another way. 

You have customer calls, thousands of them. Some to close a deal, a few to reconnect with your old customers and part of them for conversion. A day later when you get into a meeting to walk down the interaction and see what transpired, you are out of thoughts. Your salesperson fails to recall the conversation and you have no system in place for call recording or a VoIP call recorder.

Yes, this is deaf calling.

True that call recording has been an expensive affair for long but that concept is long gone. Now, given the pace at which technology is evolving, and cloud systems replacing the traditional modes of communication, VoIP call recorder would be found at every office desk. 

Not sure what is a VoIP call recorder?

VoIP in the simplest sense is placing calls over the internet. Unlike traditional telephone lines that use PSTN to route calls, information through the VoIP services are passed in the form of data packets over the IP network. Most of the VoIP vendors provide the facility of call recording either free in the package purchased or part of the premium version. 

This suggests that any business can integrate features and functionalities of call recording in their business with VoIP systems. But how to record your calls in a VoIP phone system and set up your office infrastructure to seamlessly support the said feature. Don’t worry, we will help you with that. However, before getting into the depth, one question that arises here is you really need to set up a call recording facility for your business? 

Five Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Call Recording

Wondering why should you opt for call recording features? Here are five reasons to help you understand why call recording is important for your business.

  • Know Your Audience

Imagine connecting with your customers over call and then having the ease to review the conversation to know your customers better. Isn’t that great? Definitely, it is! Recording all your conversations with prospects and customers allows you to assess them and get to a point where you have a transparent idea of what the customer expects from you. 

Understanding the needs of the buyer over the call and instantly is not easy. On the flip side, recorded conversation leave a window of revisiting the communication and viewing it from the perspective of the customer to realize what you have offered and how can you improve your customer targeting strategies for better results.

  • Training and Development Purposes 

Often companies when communicating with customers release a statement at the beginning This call may be recorded for training purposes. Ever heard that? 

Well, you must have when communicating with the customer service department of another company. What this implies is that the conversation done between the custom and the sales executive would be recorded and then used to assess the skills of the salesperson.

Identify whether or not, he/she met the quality standards. If yes, the call would then be used to train new employees and give them a real-time example about how to lead a conversation that accounts for higher customer satisfaction. Also, if the executive fails to map the standards, he/she is then trained to be better in the future. 

  • Enhance Product Offerings

If you are someone who serves customers with some kind of product or service, call recordings could help you increase your chances of selling. How? 

When calls are not related to selling something, they are a feedback call sent over to the customer to know more about the engagement. Recording these calls helps understand the customer’s journey with the company, the things that appealed to them the most, and segments that could have been better. Such an assessment of the customer’s feedback allows you to improve your line of product as well as service offerings and increase sales. 

  • Assess Marketing Campaigns

Hosting up different campaigns to attract buyers and increase your sales? You might definitely want to know how has your campaigns worked and what was one thing that attracted people to engage, right? 

But how do you do this? Ok, you can have a call made to all of these interested buyers and ask for their opinion. But how do you track the information or store them in a place for further information?

This is where call recordings come into the picture.  Recorded calls are an asset to the marketing team, enabling them to revisit their strategies and modify them as per the feedback received from the buyers. This not only increases the conversion rate but also accounts for better customer service. 

  • Capture Forgotten Details 

When you are in conversation with the customer, you talk about a lot of things and when doing this, you might miss recalling the important things about the customer. Now you cannot call them again as it would leave a bad impression. So, how do you go about this?

Call recordings!

Even if you take notes, there is a possibility of losing out on information but this is not the case when you have a backup. Call Recordings gives your customer executives to be fully engaged in the conversation and then take down the information, listening to the call recordings. This also ensures that they never miss out on critical details. 

Conclusion: Record your calls in VoIP Phone Systems

Skeptical about how to record your calls in the VoIP phone system or how to set up a VoIP call recorder with CallHippo?

Recording calls isn’t tough and doesn’t require you to pay for additional hardware. CallHippo’s VoIP features are inbuilt with call recording features and all you need to do is opt for the package and switch on the feature just before starting the call. 

To sum up, every business that engages with customers on a frequent basis must have a call recording feature in place. Not only does it simplify business operations but it also accounts for improved customer service. 

Teresa Martinez

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