Your new favorite customized wedding invitations

 Your new favorite customized wedding invitations

Are you aimlessly browsing hundreds of wedding invitations on the internet and can’t decide? Not sure where to start? Would you like clarity, overview, and save time and energy?

Establish a Budget

It makes no sense to start your search for wedding cards without a budget. The costs can really add up if you look at the most beautiful Pinterest images. The costs for calligraphy or uniquely designed wedding invitations are higher than for wedding invitations from a sample collection. Do you already know how many wedding cards you need? If you know how many addresses a wedding card should be sent to, you can calculate costs properly. The customized wedding invitations  are perfect there.

The Costs To Count On Are:

  • Ordering proofs
  • Printing the cards
  • Shipping costs
  • Envelopes
  • Postage stamps
  • Possibly extras such as special pens to write addresses, seals, strings, etc.

Decide together how much you want to incur for the wedding invitation and then do a targeted search within the margins you have set.

Determine Style

The most beautiful wedding invitation is a wedding invitation that fits your personalities and style. If you don’t know if you want a (color) theme, start collecting images on Pinterest. Let your soon-to-be save Pins on this board as well. If you look at the pictures on Pinterest in an overview, you can see which style or color often comes up. Styles can be for example: classic, botanical, minimalist, vintage, trendy, colorful, rural or romantic.

Choosing a Wedding Card

And then the fun part begins: choosing the wedding invitations. This is how it works on Stylish Wedding Cards. There are two options: choose a wedding card from the collection we have designed or design your own wedding card. The rustic wedding invitations are the perfect choices.

Make It Yourself

Option 1: To view the collection of wedding invitations, you can work very conveniently with the filters. With this you can search by color, style or theme, for example. When you have found a beautiful design, you can save it in your own collection of the wedding card. It is nice if you immediately find one card the best, but this is often not the case. There may be several cards that you like. You can also remove the wedding invitations that are not going to be it from your own collection by clicking on the trash can.

Wedding invitations in different shapes: square, portrait, landscape, panorama and elongated. Your own taste and style will determine the shape. Have you seen a beautiful wedding invitation, but it’s not the size you want? Contact professional invitation designers.

Teresa Martinez

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