Your Ultimate Buying Guide to Cryovac Machines

 Your Ultimate Buying Guide to Cryovac Machines


When you have a lot of food in storage, there’s a high possibility of spoilage and waste. You can’t consume everything in a short amount of time.

You may be looking for a Cryovac machine for sale to solve your food spoilage problem. However, you might not know what to look for in a vacuum sealing machine.

Check out this buying guide to help you with your Cryovac machine purchase.

Types of Cryovac Machines 

Before purchasing, you should know the different types of Cryovac machines. Each can be better used for a specific purpose.

It is important to know how you plan to use the machine and what you will use it for. 

Chamber Vacuum Machines

Chamber vacuum sealers are best used when sealing food in large batches. It is also recommended for sealing liquids.

The chamber vacuum has better performance and versatility but costs more. 

External Vacuum Machine

This machine is better used for occasional sealing. It is also not recommended if you’re planning on sealing liquids.

They are cheaper than the chamber vacuum but not as versatile. It also does not perform as well as chamber vacuum machines.

Pistol-Type Vacuum Sealers

Pistol-Type Sealers are better used for minor kitchen uses. It is a handheld sealer with a bag with a built-in valve.

This vacuum sealer is better for smaller kitchen uses than bulk produce for storage.

Choosing the Best Cryovac Machine

When buying a Cryovac machine, always consider the price and the purpose of using the device.

Vacuum Sealing Liquids

If you want to vacuum seal liquids, not all machines can accommodate this function.

For example, you can use chamber machines for almost any type of food, even wet food and liquids. However, external machines are not so versatile, and they can’t work for sealing liquids.

Commercial usage

You can use chamber machines for any purpose, whether personal or commercial. If you need a machine that can work faster, you can buy one with a larger or has multiple seal bars.

There are also chamber machines that have an oil pump for better performance.

External machines are not for heavy-duty use. They can effectively work after a few bags but need time to cool down before the next use. 

Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide

The best choice for sous vide cooking is a chamber machine. You can pack liquids easily, unlike an external machine. You can also sous vide multiple bags simultaneously with a chamber machine.

Although external machines can also be used for sous vide, they cannot handle liquid-rich food.

Vacuum Sealer Bags

Chamber machines use smoother bags. As a result, chamber machine bags are more expensive, but the packs contain more bags, which equals a lower cost for each bag.

External machines use a mesh-type textured bag. The purpose of the mesh is for extra grip when the bags are being sealed.

Each pack of sealer bags is cheap, but there are fewer bags. So, each bag’s cost is higher than chamber machine bags.

Automatic or Manual Cryovac Machines

You also have a choice between automatic or manual machines.

Automatic sealers run the vacuum cycle until all of the air is gone from the bag. So it’s more efficient than setting a timer.

Go for an automatic machine if packing more durable items.

Meanwhile, manual vacuum sealers allow you to adjust the sealing time. It is a good feature for packing soft and delicate items damaged if the vacuum isn’t controlled.

If you’re looking for a Cryovac machine for sale, use the guide above to help you make your purchase. You have to consider many factors, so choose the one that gives the best value for your money.

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