Your Wake-Up Call To Visit the Dentist

 Your Wake-Up Call To Visit the Dentist

Although going to the orthodontist every six months isn’t something everybody looks forward to, it is amongst the most crucial appointments one should keep.

So, if you’re thinking about skipping a Carestream dentist checkup due to its expense or another consideration, you should realise that the cost of not seeing your dentist will be far higher, both in terms of your cash and your health. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are some compelling reasons why you should see your orthodontist frequently:

1. Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Oral cancer is a very deadly disease, although it is frequently misdiagnosed due to a lack of awareness about its early warning signals. As such, it can swiftly spread and then become life-threatening. 

However, an early diagnosis of oral cancer is often treatable.

2. Cavities, Plaques, and Tartar

Even with daily cleanings, mouthwash and flossing, plaque formation is unavoidable and hard to reverse. This eventually turns into tartar which is even more challenging to eliminate without professional guidance.

So, since cleanings are less expensive than fillings, you should schedule one if finances are short.

3. Periodontal Disease

Plaques and tartar contribute to tooth decay and can destroy the gum membranes of the mouth. When tartar builds up in the area where the gum meets the tooth, it results in an infection, and the gum begins to strip away from the teeth.  

Gingivitis hence is quite a severe health issue. There will almost certainly be inflammation, bleeding, or discomfort when it reaches this stage. It would also cause the bones that support your teeth to break. 

Hence, dental cleanings become extremely crucial.

4. Checks Head, Throat, and Lymph nodes

Your orthodontist will inspect your throat, jaw, and lymphatic system, which are positioned immediately under your jaw, for any inflammation, tumours, or other irregularities. Additionally, they also examine your tongue for symptoms of oral cancer. 

If they discover any irregularity, your Carestream orthodontist will recommend you to the right medical specialist.

5. Treat Sensitivity

Teeth that are sensitive are caused by either wearing of the coating (enamel) or uncovered tooth roots. Tooth hypersensitivity can also be caused baresy cavities, fractured teeth, worn fillings, or gum disease. 

According to the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), over 12% of individuals have sensitive teeth. 

If you’re having dental sensitivity, make an appointment with a doctor. This is because something more than tattered enamel could very well be causing the sensitivity. You could, for example, have a hole or infection that isn’t yet evident. Your orthodontist would be able to pinpoint the particular problem and provide the right treatment. 


Dental professionals and dental specialists do more than just tooth repair. They rinse your mouth correctly, examine it for irregularities that might otherwise go unnoticed or which may prove to be a symptom of broader health issues.

Dental specialists, among other factors, ensure that your joints are healthy and assist you in correcting any behaviours that may be damaging to your oral health.

While most individuals go to the orthodontist once every 6 to 12 months, others ought to go more frequently. Missing dentist checkups might not seem like a huge concern, but oral problems can get aggravated quickly.

So, you’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long term if you ensure regular dental check-ups.

Clare Louise

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