3 Things You Need For A Hybrid Event In Singapore

Events are held for various purposes depending on what kind of business or institution is handling them. Most of the time, events promote brands and educate people on particular social topics. TED talks are special events hosted by a company that focuses on spreading ideas that are worth the exposure. These kinds of events are known as hybrid events. While hybrid events occur in front of live audiences, they also have the entire thing recorded or live-streamed for people who aren’t able to attend. With the use of a camera and the power of the internet, a hybrid event in Singapore can reach an even wider audience.

However, handling such an event requires more preparation since things that are typically not needed in a physical event are added to the checklist of a hybrid event. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, here are some factors you need to consider when planning and preparing for a hybrid event.

1. Hire A Videographer

A videographer from Singapore is essential since you will be live-streaming the entire event. If you don’t hire a professional and choose to make do with a staff member using an iPhone camera, the quality of your video may cause your viewers to lose interest. At least with a professional videographer, you will have high-quality footage that doesn’t appear shaky every other minute. Not only will they provide you with a perfectly live-streamed video, but they might also give you a complete recording that you can post on your social media.

2. Promotion

Promoting your hybrid event is also necessary since it requires a large audience, both physically and virtually. In order to gain interest, you must work hard in posting multiple advertisements in the form of photos and videos. You can hire a photographer that specialises in event photography in Singapore so that you have excellent images that reflect the quality of the event itself.

3. Location

While the video production company from Singapore is greatly needed for the event to be a success, you must remember that there is still a physical aspect that needs tending to. If you have no location for the live talk, then there won’t be any point to the event at all. Your chosen location should be easy to travel to and at least have a strong signal for the live stream to run smoothly. It’s also recommended that the event occurs indoors, just in case the rain decides to pay a visit.

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Chris Jorioso

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