4 Red Flags of a Bad Wedding Catering Service in Singapore


Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is the day when you and your future spouse vows to each other in front of family and friends. You cannot afford mistakes to taint the memories you’ll create. This makes it crucial to hire the best wedding catering service in Singapore. Read this article for four red flags you need to watch out for in a catering service.

Unwilling to Work With Others

If you are going for a mini buffet, your catering service and wedding coordinator should be working together to prepare everything your wedding needs. A lack of willingness to work with one another is a warning sign you shouldn’t dismiss.

No Taste Testing

When a mini buffet catering service in Singapore doesn’t offer you to taste test the menu, it is time to look for a different company. Remember that the dishes they’ll be serving to your guests is one of the crucial parts of your wedding. Bad food results in a bad experience, which leads to unpleasant memories.

Agrees to Everything

Remember that when your wedding catering service agrees to your every demand, it may be an omen of things to happen. This is especially true when they don’t follow up with questions or clarifications. Consider looking for a different company if you experience this.

Late Responses

A professional wedding catering service should reply to your inquiries within one to two days after you send them. If it goes beyond that, consider choosing another company. However, keep in mind that some businesses may reply late when busy. A late response is alright if it happens once, but consider it a red flag if it’s a frequent occurrence.

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Clare Louise

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