4 Ways to Give Your Hotel a Competitive Advantage

Millennial travelers have a unique approach to vacations, craving more than just luxurious accommodations. Travel plans are now about the experience, whether it be where you stay and all the way to the places you eat. Hoteliers have a lot to think about when looking to make their brand unique. There are a few trends that should be incorporated into the business if the hotel wants to stay competitive.

Think Beyond the Borders

International travel is growing, and with it brings patrons to your hotel that come from all over the world. You can attract these guests by offering your promotional material in a number of languages. You should also hire multilingual staff to avoid any language barriers during a guest’s stay. Analyze your website Click Here and booking pages to make sure the content translates well into other languages.

Rearrange the Accommodations

For many traditional hotel rooms, the bed is the primary feature. For travelers just passing though, this isn’t a problem. For business travels or families with children, extra floor space and work areas are much more appreciated. You can have some of your rooms upgraded to provide better accommodations for these unique needs. You could consider swing wall beds as a way to free up floor space or convert the room into something more conducive for work or exercise.

Create an Experience

A memorable experience begins the moment a guest arrives on your property. Hire valet parking vendors Colorado agencies can recommend to enhance the customer experience. Partner with local adventure companies for special pricing on kayak trips or pair up with a restaurant for wine tastings or special dining options. You could have dry cleaning services or grocery delivery services for travelers who have extended trips.  Taking care of these little activities frees up your guests to have more fun.

Have a Quality Fitness or Spa Facility

Today’s travelers are often quite conscious of their health and appearance. A poorly lit room with one treadmill and a weight set isn’t going to pass for a fitness facility. Higher-end hotels are including fitness equipment in guest rooms, with some offering Pilates classes through on-demand TV streaming.  You could partner with personal trainers or instructors at local gyms or fitness centers to give your guests access to other classes or upgraded equipment.

Guests that enjoy their experience with your hotel are more likely to do more than become repeat guests. They will be more inclined to leave favorable reviews and pass on your information to friends and family in need of a quality hotel.


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