4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Warmer & Cosier

 4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Warmer & Cosier

The concept of feeling warm is much more complex than simply sitting in a room with the heating on and wrapped in a sherpa blanket and there are plenty of ways to make a room appear cosier and more snuggly aside from paying extra for your gas and electric bills.

With that being said, continue reading to discover four ways to make your home feel warmer and cosier.

1. A Statement Rug

One of the most cost-effective, yet strikingly effective ways of not only making your space feel more comfortable and intimate but also as a way of transforming the aesthetics of the room too is to purchase a statement rug.

Here, you are looking for a thick and luscious material, with a high thread count and one which, whilst not getting in the way of the doors and movable pieces of furniture, covers as large an expanse of the floorspace as possible.

2. Textures & Layers

Making your living room appear warm and snuggly is incredibly effective in making you and the other members of your household feel warm and cosy too and there is no better way to do this than to invest in some brand-new oversized cushions, throws, and blankets.

Even though completely contrasting colours would be a little too much for the eye, by the same token, you want to avoid buying the same shades and tones of the same colour, as this can ruin the effect of layering. Neutral, calming colours, such as browns, blues ,and greys will further exemplify the feeling of relaxation you are looking to create.

3. Carpeted Floors

Walking barefoot around your home, especially in the winter, can be incredibly uncomfortable if you are walking upon hard wooden floors, and even in the summer months, a cosier and softer feeling when you walk from one room to another is always going to be warmer.

Visiting aflooringboutique.co.uk and browsing the huge range of different styles and textures of carpets available, not to mention the myriad of different colours will make you see how much warmer your home will feel and be with carpets.

Additionally, you will also notice there will be no need to switch your central heating on for as long and as high, which will save you money on your future gas and electricity bills too.

4. Concentrate on Lighting

Lighting has such a dramatic and influential effect on the atmosphere and level of comfort a room provides and when it comes to making your entire property feel more warm, cosy and inviting, it is certainly time to concentrate on this element.

One incredibly affordable and almost instant trick is to change bright white lightbulbs to warm white lights instead, which changes the tones and hues of the lights and how the shadows appear on the walls too. Instead of light switches which simply turn the lights off and on, install a dimmer switch instead and have the lighting at a lower, dimmer level to enhance the overall atmosphere.

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